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Product review: Wraptie multifunctional straps

When you’ve been away hiking, camping or cycling you’ll know there are times when multipurpose straps are extremely useful.  Maybe you need to attach something to your pack?  Tie it down to stop it rattling or flapping in the wind?  Or secure your bike, skis or suitcase?  I’ve been putting the Wraptie multifunctional straps to the test to see if they really do provide … Read More Product review: Wraptie multifunctional straps


Product review: Solestar Hiking Insoles

Often overlooked, insoles provide a crucial role supporting your feet.  More than comfort, insoles also hold your feet in an optimal position and provide added stability on rougher terrain.  As someone who never gave much thought to insoles until recently, the chance to test out Solestar’s performance insoles has opened my eyes. First impressions Solestar are a German company who have made their name … Read More Product review: Solestar Hiking Insoles


My Walking Kit List

I’ve been preparing for my last-but-one munro expedition to the Fisherfield hills in Northwest Scotland and thought I’d describe what I’m taking.  This is essentially my summer backpacking kit which I’d take for trips of 2-3 nights. I have a couple of GoLite rucsacs for backpacking trips, the cavernous Gust and the smaller Jam 2.  I’ve become a real convert to the lightweight philosophy … Read More My Walking Kit List