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T6 VW California Review

  The VW California remains the ‘gold standard’ camper van with a reputation for flexibility, a 60 year pedigree of design innovation and support from a worldwide dealer network.  I’ve driven my own T5 Cali on a daily basis for five years and so was keen to see how the new T6 Cali compares.  Here’s my first look at the new T6 VW California … Read More T6 VW California Review

Is the new VW T6 California for me?

  The latest version of the VW California goes on sale in the UK this month.  With 50,000 Californias sold over the last decade alone it’s proved a real winner for outdoor enthusiasts.  But if you’re looking to buy a new camper van should you buy a new T6 Cali ?  Here’s my personal ‘take’ on the introduction of the new T6. Introducing the … Read More Is the new VW T6 California for me?