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Volksfling is Scotland’s largest VW festival, a magnet for cars, campers and VW obsessives. For the first time Volksfling took place in both May and August this year – in Biggar, South Lanarkshire – and I went along last weekend to check things out. The weather was similar to the last time I attended, two years ago – sunshine and showers.  It also seemed to … Read More Volksfling

Buyers’ Guide: Camper van Awnings and Canopies

I’ve recently been asked to write a review of camper van awnings and given that this is a common topic of conversation I’m happy to oblige.  This isn’t a straightforward issue, however.  What people want from an awning or canopy can be very different (different needs, sizes, climates, seasons and so on) and consequently, it’s a very subjective matter. A Buyer’s Guide This buyers’ guide is designed … Read More Buyers’ Guide: Camper van Awnings and Canopies

VW Bus Stories Part 1

By all accounts George was a real character. He had a strong will and an independent mind which meant that whenever he put his mind to something he would find a way to make it happen. He was also prone to taking spontaeous decisions. So when he came home from work and announced to his wife: “Nellie, get the kids ready, we’re going off … Read More VW Bus Stories Part 1


25 Years of the VW California

VW are celebrating 25 years of the VW California this weekend at the Techno Classica exhibition in Essen.  Over 100,000 Californias have been produced since 1988 and are still going strong. While it’s absolutely right that VW exploit the heritage of their VW-based camper vans I think there’s a bit of editorial licence involved.  In actual fact, it was Westfalia who first used the … Read More 25 Years of the VW California

Be part of the VW story

“Tell a good story and tell it well“.  There’s probably no better advice to help communicate a message and engage people. This is exactly what the clever marketing people at VW in the States are doing right now.  In their Why VW campaign they’re asking people to share their stories, talk about their road trips and be part of VW’s own evolving story. It’s … Read More Be part of the VW story

I want a modern, reliable camper van

  Want a camper van but have realised that you want a good balance between reliability, practicality and style ? Well, if you’re like us you’re on a journey that has probably started with yearning after a T1 splitscreen or T2 bay window van but have now come to appreciate that there are certain drawbacks to such a romantic notion.  Like comfort, for example.  Or confidence that … Read More I want a modern, reliable camper van


Wouldn’t it be cool to own a VW camper van ?

This is a question that has been uttered by many people across the world, I’m sure.  This post could also be subtitled “my personal journey to owning a VW camper van” since it tells the first part of my story to researching and testing out various versions of VW campers.  In my next VW camper vans post – Act 2 – I’ll review the … Read More Wouldn’t it be cool to own a VW camper van ?

60 Years of the VW Camper Van: Part 1 – The birth of an icon

The VW camper van is one of the most iconic vehicles ever produced.  Few other vehicles have the ability to turn heads and conjure a spirit of freedom, adventure and open roads. This is the first of a three-part series providing you with a potted history of the VW camper van, told both in text but particularly through the imagery created by VW’s own advertising over … Read More 60 Years of the VW Camper Van: Part 1 – The birth of an icon

Meet Lydia !

Getting out and about across Scotland (and elsewhere of course) is a whole lot easier with a camper van.  You have everything you need conveniently stowed – including the kitchen sink – and a roof to put over your head when the weather turns nasty.  It’s camping in style and comfort, without the draughts, wet patches and leaky lilos. We got Lydia from new just … Read More Meet Lydia !