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70 years of the VW campervan

In 1947, a Dutch car dealer called Ben Pon famously sketched out a simple, box-shaped delivery vehicle that was based on the Beetle’s chassis.  He persuaded the VW factory in Wolfsburg to put the van into production and the first VW Transporter was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in November 1949. It was an innovative design that maximised the load-carrying capacity of the … Read More 70 years of the VW campervan


The Clever Camper Cookbook – Review and giveaway competition

If you’ve ever taken a campervan away you’ll know that cooking quick, easy and tasty meals is not always as straightforward as it seems.  Those trusty staples from home might rely on that extra burner or grill that you’re lacking, or perhaps some spices or other ingredients that make it just a little too complicated.  Alternatively, keeping things too simple – relying on that … Read More The Clever Camper Cookbook – Review and giveaway competition


Campervan colouring book competition

It’s competition time ! The campervan-daft among you will no doubt be aware of the quirky appeal that is Kludoman.  Kludoman is Karl Udo White, a British teacher, artist, musician and surfer who has successfully self-published his range of VW colouring books. He’s just brought out his latest colouring book and I have a copy to give away to one lucky winner of the … Read More Campervan colouring book competition


Volksfling 2015

It’s great to have the chance to see prized VWs up close and so I paid another return visit to Volksfling this weekend which takes place in May and August each year at Biggar.  This is a weekend when VWs of all sorts are polished up, let out of their protective garages and taken out to be shown off. This is an event for enthusiasts. … Read More Volksfling 2015

The new VW T6 is finally revealed

To great fanfare the new VW T6 was finally revealed to an expectant world last night in Amsterdam.  Following a big build-up by VW over the last couple of years, to those eagerly awaiting big changes in the next generation of VW Transporters, last night’s launch will have come as something of an anticlimax.  To those owners of T5 vans the great unveiling will … Read More The new VW T6 is finally revealed


Happy Campers – Mark, Lauren and ‘Bumblebee’

Since buying ‘Bumblebee’ last Autumn Mark and Lauren have aleady put in a lot of work to make their van ship-shape for the camping season.  The helpful advice they found on the T4 Owner’s Forum has been invaluable.  So far, their trips and weekends away have been fairly local – in preparation for this summer’s Big Trip to Ibiza and back ! ‘Happy Campers’ … Read More Happy Campers – Mark, Lauren and ‘Bumblebee’

The new VW T6 and potential T7 ?

Speculation has been growing for some time about VW’s updated model to replace the T5, which has been in production now for ten years.  The new T6 is expected to be launched in 2015.  The question is: will it be a significant upgrade or will we have to wait until around 2020 for recent concept vehicles to find their way into the production schedule … Read More The new VW T6 and potential T7 ?

Até amanhã ?

[Note: Até amanhã ? = ‘See you tomorrow?’ in Portuguese] This month the last newly-produced T2 Volkswagen bus is due to roll off the production in Brazil.  It’s the end of an era having been in continuous production for 64 years with 3.5 million sold around the world.  Whether you know it as a camper, bus, kombi or van, it’s a vehicle that has … Read More Até amanhã ?


VW Bus Stickers

There are few vehicles other than VW buses on which stickers are pretty well obligatory.  It’s a chance to personalise your van and lay out your relaxed attitude to life. These are a few window stickers spotted at Volksfest in late August.  Along with these, another couple of my favourites are: “Caution:  do not open windows at speeds in excess of 120mph” and “VW buses don’t … Read More VW Bus Stickers

Hip vs Hippie ?

What do you think is the appeal of the Type 2 VW bus today ? I’ve been pondering this amid the flurry of media articles reverberating around the world on the ‘Last Edition’ of the T2 bus in Brazil which will roll off the production line at the end of 2013.  For the second time in a year a syndicated press agency article has announced the end of … Read More Hip vs Hippie ?

The Perfect Campervan Playlist

So while the Hawaiian girl on my campervan dashboard loves to dance about she doesn’t unfortunately sing or play her guitar.  This is a real shame since I think this would be a great accompaniment to my roadtrips. This got me thinking … what would be the perfect campervan playlist ?  What would you put on your ideal campervan playlist ? Search the web and you’ll … Read More The Perfect Campervan Playlist

VW Bus Stories Part 2

As a follow-up to Part 1 of my VW Bus Stories this is a short piece on my late father-in-law’s second VW bus. We think this was taken in around 1976 or 1977 – the van would have been about six years old by that point. It shows a family picnic at Glen Feshie, just south of Aviemore in the Highlands.  It’s clearly a … Read More VW Bus Stories Part 2