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Hip vs Hippie ?

What do you think is the appeal of the Type 2 VW bus today ? I’ve been pondering this amid the flurry of media articles reverberating around the world on the ‘Last Edition’ of the T2 bus in Brazil which will roll off the production line at the end of 2013.  For the second time in a year a syndicated press agency article has announced the end of … Read More Hip vs Hippie ?


Volksfling is Scotland’s largest VW festival, a magnet for cars, campers and VW obsessives. For the first time Volksfling took place in both May and August this year – in Biggar, South Lanarkshire – and I went along last weekend to check things out. The weather was similar to the last time I attended, two years ago – sunshine and showers.  It also seemed to … Read More Volksfling

VW Bus Stories Part 2

As a follow-up to Part 1 of my VW Bus Stories this is a short piece on my late father-in-law’s second VW bus. We think this was taken in around 1976 or 1977 – the van would have been about six years old by that point. It shows a family picnic at Glen Feshie, just south of Aviemore in the Highlands.  It’s clearly a … Read More VW Bus Stories Part 2

VW Bus Stories Part 1

By all accounts George was a real character. He had a strong will and an independent mind which meant that whenever he put his mind to something he would find a way to make it happen. He was also prone to taking spontaeous decisions. So when he came home from work and announced to his wife: “Nellie, get the kids ready, we’re going off … Read More VW Bus Stories Part 1


The New Volkswagen T6 ?

There’s been a fair amount of speculation in Germany recently about the launch of the Volkwagen T6 van, the successor to the T5 which has been in production now since 2004.  Autobild is reporting (or see here for Google Translate’s attempt at an English translation) that the new model will be launched sometime in 2015. It’s likely to be an evolution of the T5 … Read More The New Volkswagen T6 ?

VW Camper Van – Future Design Concept

Wondering what the clever designers at VW are thinking about for future camper vans ?  Take a peek at this great video. I love the fold-out kitchen and the awning protruding from both sides of the pop-up roof.  Could you even buy one with wood veneer finish, like the 1960s US station wagons … where and when can I order one ?! I’ve just … Read More VW Camper Van – Future Design Concept


VW Waving Etiquette

As with many ‘sub-cultures’ there are certain rituals that define whether you’re ‘in the club’, so to speak.  The customary “VW wave” is one such ritual, and a highly enjoyable way to reinforce the sense of VW community.  However, delve a little deeper and people quickly learn that it’s not quite as simple as it would seem.  In fact, it can be a bit … Read More VW Waving Etiquette

+ Scottish Cali meet

VW California Options and Accessories

You may have just decided to take the plunge and buy a VW California (or another camper van) or you may be just about to take ownership.  Either way, it’s a very exciting time and you’ll be looking forward to planning camping trips away.  At this stage many people start to think: “so what else do I need ?”. This is the subject of much … Read More VW California Options and Accessories

Be part of the VW story

“Tell a good story and tell it well“.  There’s probably no better advice to help communicate a message and engage people. This is exactly what the clever marketing people at VW in the States are doing right now.  In their Why VW campaign they’re asking people to share their stories, talk about their road trips and be part of VW’s own evolving story. It’s … Read More Be part of the VW story


Why is the VW California not available in the USA ?

A while ago I read that the VW California is not available in California … or any other US State for that matter.  It’s not altogether clear what the reasons are so I thought I’d dig a little deeper.  There certainly seems to be anecdotal demand for such a camper among prospective US buyers from the comments I’ve seen.  So why isn’t it for sale in the US ? … Read More Why is the VW California not available in the USA ?


The VW California – An Owner’s Review

Post updated July 2015 Having owned a VW California SE for 4.5 years I’m now able to provide a pretty comprehensive review of the camper van.  You’ll see reviews by motoring journalists who happen to take one away for a weekend but they haven’t had a chance to ‘live with it’ in that time. Here, I’ll try to provide a balanced review so you … Read More The VW California – An Owner’s Review

I want a modern, reliable camper van

  Want a camper van but have realised that you want a good balance between reliability, practicality and style ? Well, if you’re like us you’re on a journey that has probably started with yearning after a T1 splitscreen or T2 bay window van but have now come to appreciate that there are certain drawbacks to such a romantic notion.  Like comfort, for example.  Or confidence that … Read More I want a modern, reliable camper van