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Scottish Cali Meet at Glenmore

The third annual gathering of VW Californias (and other variants) took place last weekend at Glenmore Campsite, near Aviemore.  We had a total of ten vans come along, which probably makes it the biggest ever gathering of Calis in Scotland. As always at these kinds of events people are keen to find out how they’ve kitted out their vans, what tips they have and where … Read More Scottish Cali Meet at Glenmore


Happy Campers – Erik, Martha and ‘Moby’

Erik and Martha have had a relationship with VW buses for a long time and they’ve painstakingly restored ‘Moby’ over the last five years.  They enjoy the way the world passes by at a gentle pace in an old bus, taking them up and down the US Eastern Seaboard.  They don’t see restoration work and repairs as a chore but simply part of the joy … Read More Happy Campers – Erik, Martha and ‘Moby’


Happy Campers – Mark, Lauren and ‘Bumblebee’

Since buying ‘Bumblebee’ last Autumn Mark and Lauren have aleady put in a lot of work to make their van ship-shape for the camping season.  The helpful advice they found on the T4 Owner’s Forum has been invaluable.  So far, their trips and weekends away have been fairly local – in preparation for this summer’s Big Trip to Ibiza and back ! ‘Happy Campers’ … Read More Happy Campers – Mark, Lauren and ‘Bumblebee’


Happy Campers – Richard and ‘The Bus’

  Richard and his family swapped their caravan and tow car for a converted VW Transporter camper van and haven’t looked back.  They use it for family holidays elsewhere in Europe as well as weekends in the UK. “The Bus” is also Richard’s daily vehicle.  They’ve already explored the south of France and are eyeing up Norway – to see the northern lights – … Read More Happy Campers – Richard and ‘The Bus’

The new VW T6 and potential T7 ?

Speculation has been growing for some time about VW’s updated model to replace the T5, which has been in production now for ten years.  The new T6 is expected to be launched in 2015.  The question is: will it be a significant upgrade or will we have to wait until around 2020 for recent concept vehicles to find their way into the production schedule … Read More The new VW T6 and potential T7 ?


Happy Campers: Anita and ‘Gwyn’

  Anita and her growing family took the plunge and opted for a bespoke VW camper van conversion last year, which they helped design themselves.  They love the convenience of having the van already packed up and ready to go at a moment’s notice, and so far have enjoyed family holidays and surfing trips in the UK and France. ‘Happy Campers’ is a series … Read More Happy Campers: Anita and ‘Gwyn’


Volksfling, Scotland’s VW show

I’ve attended Volksfling three times in the last four years, a great opportunity to be part of Scotland’s biggest VW festival.  It’s a good day out, lots to see and a laid back atmosphere.  Part of the fun for us is the run down to Biggar and playing the “how many VW campers can we spot before we get there” game (this year’s total … Read More Volksfling, Scotland’s VW show


Happy Campers: Ewan and ‘Lydia’

A tent camper for many years, Ewan and family researched various camper van options before finally taking the plunge and buying a VW California in late 2010.  His Cali serves as his daily vehicle as well as the basis for spontaneous and planned trips around Scotland and beyond. ‘Happy Campers’ is a series of posts featuring camper vans and their owners.  It’s designed to offer … Read More Happy Campers: Ewan and ‘Lydia’


Happy Campers: Richard, Nikki and ‘Stone174’

Nikki and Richard are both self-employed graphic designers and have inherited their passion for VW vans from their parents.  Theirs is a five-year story of converting a basic T5 panel van into a ‘no compromise’, unique camper with all mod cons. ‘Happy Campers’ is a series of posts featuring camper vans and their owners.  It’s designed to offer advice and inspiration to new and existing … Read More Happy Campers: Richard, Nikki and ‘Stone174’


VW California – Where do you store your gear ?

Two common questions among new and prospective VW California owners are “what’s the storage like ?” and ” what do you put where ?”.  In fact, I was asked these questions directly by e-mail (thanks Susanne !) and will try to provide some information here on the options as well as common approaches to storage. The first point to make is that the VW California (or any … Read More VW California – Where do you store your gear ?

VW Woofwagen advert

You’d be barking mad not to love the new VW advert ! VW’s latest advert shows that there’s a Volkswagen for everyone.  That’s 21 cars in the range, all matched to a different breed of dog – and hanging out of the car windows to a great soundtrack (“Me and You” by Barry Louis Polisar, in case you were wondering). Check out their new website – and … Read More VW Woofwagen advert


VW Bus Stickers

There are few vehicles other than VW buses on which stickers are pretty well obligatory.  It’s a chance to personalise your van and lay out your relaxed attitude to life. These are a few window stickers spotted at Volksfest in late August.  Along with these, another couple of my favourites are: “Caution:  do not open windows at speeds in excess of 120mph” and “VW buses don’t … Read More VW Bus Stickers