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Volksfling, Scotland’s VW show

I’ve attended Volksfling three times in the last four years, a great opportunity to be part of Scotland’s biggest VW festival.  It’s a good day out, lots to see and a laid back atmosphere.  Part of the fun for us is the run down to Biggar and playing the “how many VW campers can we spot before we get there” game (this year’s total … Read More Volksfling, Scotland’s VW show


Happy Campers: Kerry and ‘Tina Tina Orangina’

‘Tina Tina Orangina’ was named by Kerry’s children for her … well … orangeness.  She was an impulse buy that turned into a long-term project.  But helped by the fact Kerry’s other half is a VW mechanic they’ve now got Tina on the road and are just about to take off for a holiday in France in her.  ‘Happy Campers’ is a series of posts … Read More Happy Campers: Kerry and ‘Tina Tina Orangina’