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Happy Campers – Erik, Martha and ‘Moby’

Erik and Martha have had a relationship with VW buses for a long time and they’ve painstakingly restored ‘Moby’ over the last five years.  They enjoy the way the world passes by at a gentle pace in an old bus, taking them up and down the US Eastern Seaboard.  They don’t see restoration work and repairs as a chore but simply part of the joy … Read More Happy Campers – Erik, Martha and ‘Moby’


Happy Campers – An Introduction

  There’s a timeless appeal to a campervan.  The lure of the open road; new places, adventures and roadtrips; and all with the compact self-sufficiency that a campervan offers. If like me you hankered after a campervan for a long time, you eventually get past the “I’d like to get one someday …” phase and start to plan it for real.  You’ve saved up and you’re … Read More Happy Campers – An Introduction


VW Bus Stickers

There are few vehicles other than VW buses on which stickers are pretty well obligatory.  It’s a chance to personalise your van and lay out your relaxed attitude to life. These are a few window stickers spotted at Volksfest in late August.  Along with these, another couple of my favourites are: “Caution:  do not open windows at speeds in excess of 120mph” and “VW buses don’t … Read More VW Bus Stickers


Wouldn’t it be cool to own a VW camper van ?

This is a question that has been uttered by many people across the world, I’m sure.  This post could also be subtitled “my personal journey to owning a VW camper van” since it tells the first part of my story to researching and testing out various versions of VW campers.  In my next VW camper vans post – Act 2 – I’ll review the … Read More Wouldn’t it be cool to own a VW camper van ?

60 Years of the VW Camper Van: Part 2 – Coming of Age

In my previous post charting the history of VW camper vans I described how the T1 Splitscreen camper van was born from humble beginnings but rapidly found a market among campers the world over.  During the period 1950-67 Westfalia alone produced 25,000 camper vans with Devon, Danbury, Sun-Dial and others producing their own versions. A new model – the T2 with its distinctive Bay … Read More 60 Years of the VW Camper Van: Part 2 – Coming of Age