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Volksfling 2015

It’s great to have the chance to see prized VWs up close and so I paid another return visit to Volksfling this weekend which takes place in May and August each year at Biggar.  This is a weekend when VWs of all sorts are polished up, let out of their protective garages and taken out to be shown off. This is an event for enthusiasts. … Read More Volksfling 2015


Volksfling, Scotland’s VW show

I’ve attended Volksfling three times in the last four years, a great opportunity to be part of Scotland’s biggest VW festival.  It’s a good day out, lots to see and a laid back atmosphere.  Part of the fun for us is the run down to Biggar and playing the “how many VW campers can we spot before we get there” game (this year’s total … Read More Volksfling, Scotland’s VW show


Volksfling is Scotland’s largest VW festival, a magnet for cars, campers and VW obsessives. For the first time Volksfling took place in both May and August this year – in Biggar, South Lanarkshire – and I went along last weekend to check things out. The weather was similar to the last time I attended, two years ago – sunshine and showers.  It also seemed to … Read More Volksfling