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Cycling the Hebridean Way – Part 2

Located 40 miles off the Scottish mainland in the North Atlantic Ocean, reminders of how different life is in the Outer Hebrides are never far away.  It’s often the place that feels the brunt of Atlantic storms, and experiences them first.  And with its big skies, low lying land and exposure to fierce westerlies, the weather has a huge impact on daily life. On … Read More Cycling the Hebridean Way – Part 2

Top 10 Must-visit Scottish Islands

With around 790 offshore islands Scotland is an island lover’s paradise. In all there are 11,800km of coastline in Scotland, it’s indented coast formed by the melting of ice sheets particularly on its western and northern fringes. If you stretch out the coast into a straight line it would stretch all the way from Scotland to Australia.  No part of Scotland is more than … Read More Top 10 Must-visit Scottish Islands