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Most popular ‘last munros’

I was intrigued to know what are the most popular ‘last munros’, the final hill of an epic adventure to climb all of Scotland’s peaks over 3000ft. For many people, climbing all 282 munros is a lifetime achievement typically taking anywhere between one and 30+ years to complete (I would guess that most take around 10 – 20 years). Those who have achieved this … Read More Most popular ‘last munros’


What kind of munroist are you ?

I’m always intrigued to understand what motivates people to climb Scotland’s munros, mountains of 3000ft (914.1m) or over.  With 282 to climb it’s not exactly an insignificant challenge (!) but clearly, not everyone you meet up a hill is aiming to climb them all. You literally meet all sorts out on the hills – from all ages and backgrounds – all enjoying the outdoors … Read More What kind of munroist are you ?