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Lightweight backpacking – The Big 4

  It was a revelation once I started reducing the weight of my rucsac.  As I bought increasingly lighter weight gear, my pack became easier to carry.  I went further and was less tired at the end of the day. Many people, especially those new to hillwalking and backpacking, are unaware of the benefits of lightweight gear.  And even that lightweight gear exists.  Go … Read More Lightweight backpacking – The Big 4


My Walking Kit List

I’ve been preparing for my last-but-one munro expedition to the Fisherfield hills in Northwest Scotland and thought I’d describe what I’m taking.  This is essentially my summer backpacking kit which I’d take for trips of 2-3 nights. I have a couple of GoLite rucsacs for backpacking trips, the cavernous Gust and the smaller Jam 2.  I’ve become a real convert to the lightweight philosophy … Read More My Walking Kit List