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Taking the plunge

      There’s nothing to beat the adrenaline-fuelled rush of a new achievement or completing an activity that involves a degree of perceived risk.  That’s how I feel anyway.  I have a head for heights and think nothing of flying in a small plane, scrambling along an airy knife-edged ridge or even jumping off a bridge with a piece of elastic strapped to my ankles. … Read More Taking the plunge


14 for 2014 #7 – Do a bungee jump at Killiecrankie

I can highly recommend Killiecrankie as a convenient jumping off point if you happen to be travelling on the A9 between the Central Belt and Inverness.  It just so happens that Garry Bridge, over the Killiecrankie gorge, is one of the two places in Scotland that you can go bungee jumping.  It’s run by Bungee Jump Scotland, with the other location being the Titan … Read More 14 for 2014 #7 – Do a bungee jump at Killiecrankie