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Scotland from space

On the 25th February 2018 the International Space Station took an absolutely stunning photo of Scotland from space.  While you need to tilt your head (or your screen) sideways a bit to align it with the usual map view of the country, you can make out individual mountain peaks, highlighted in the snow. At the time, the country was gripped in a period of … Read More Scotland from space


Shooting stars at the Devil’s Beeftub

“The Devil’s Bathtub, surely ?”, I said. “A tub to keep beef in ?“, my son offered, optimistically. It was while pondering the curious origins** of the dramatic 500-foot hollow in the hills above the small town of Moffat that we pulled up on the roadside.  We found a spot just where the boundaries of South Lanarkshire, Dumfries & Galloway and the Scottish Borders meet: quiet … Read More Shooting stars at the Devil’s Beeftub


The International Space Station

It took just four minutes to pass from the western horizon and fade out over towards the southeast horizon.  This was the view of the International Space Station near my house last night. It’s amazing to think that the ISS orbits the earth once every ninety minutes, whizzing around our planet at 17,500 mph at an altitude of 370km. There are currently six astronauts living on … Read More The International Space Station