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Product review: Vango Sherpa 65 Rucsac

If you’re taking part in a DofE or scouting expedition, or planning to backpack your way around the world, then the Vango Sherpa 65 may be just what you’re looking for.  Robust, comfortable and packed with pockets and other nifty features, it ticks all of the right boxes.  I’ve been testing out the rucsac, provided to me to review by Outdoorsupply.co.uk.   Comfort and … Read More Product review: Vango Sherpa 65 Rucsac


An airy circuit of Ben More Coigach

  Picking my way up through the steep sandstone cliffs the ‘path’ soon disappeared and the gradient increased sharply.  Soon, I realised the only way up was to grab great handfuls of heather and hope they were well dug in.  I put away my walking poles to concentrate on the task in hand.  I was now committed … to some pretty serious scrambling. There were … Read More An airy circuit of Ben More Coigach


Overnighting on Quinag

    I was in an expectant mood as I drove north.  A large area of high pressure was due to cover the UK and bring fine, dry and settled conditions.  Just perfect, I thought, for a wild summit camp, ticking off three Corbetts followed by an afternoon’s cycling.  Even if the scattered clouds didn’t give a clear sunset there was still the prospect … Read More Overnighting on Quinag