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Kinloch Castle, Rum

  While there are many grand castles in rural Scotland Kinloch Castle in Rum stands out as one of the most over-the-top expressions of Victorian wealth.  Indeed, according to writer Jim Crumley, Kinloch Castle is “a monument to… colossal wealth and ego and acquisitive greed… It is a building without a redeeming feature.. a loathsome edifice.  It perpetuates only the memory of the worst kind of … Read More Kinloch Castle, Rum


Day trip to California

I’ve been meaning to take a day trip to California for a while.  Alas, not the Sunshine State – with lots of palm trees, beaches and celebrities – but Scotland’s own Sunshine Village with … er … some houses, a community centre and a new roundabout. If you’re thinking of booking a trip, I’m afraid there aren’t any campsites there.  But you can get … Read More Day trip to California

St Kilda – Islands on the Edge

St Kilda is undoubtedly one of Scotland’s gems.  This tiny archipelago, some 41 miles west of the Outer Hebrides, takes the full force of the wild North Atlantic weather and and is truly an isolated and unique place.  But it is renowned for not only its natural significance but also its cultural significance, one of only 24 places on the planet to be awarded dual … Read More St Kilda – Islands on the Edge

The Glenelg – Skye Ferry

In the week when the Forth Rail Bridge has been nominated as a new World Heritage Site I thought I’d feature another of Scotland’s national treasures, the Glenelg – Skye Ferry. There’s been a ferry crossing from Glenelg to Kylerhea in Skye for hundreds of years but the current, 40-year old ferry – the Glenachulish – is the very last manually-operated turntable ferry in the … Read More The Glenelg – Skye Ferry


The Bicycle Tree

Hidden in a wood in the small Trossachs village of Brig o’ Turk – most definitely off the beaten track – is a peculiar sight: the Bicycle Tree. This century-old Sycamore tree clearly has an iron deficiency for it has ‘swallowed’ not only a turn-of-the-century bike frame but also an anchor and other iron implements.  The tree stands just off the lane that leads towards … Read More The Bicycle Tree


Hidden Gems – Beinn Resipol and Ardnamurchan

It’s interesting how sometimes places catch you unaware and my trip to Ardnamurchan this weekend was a revelation. The Ardnamurchan peninsular – the westernmost part of the Scottish mainland that juts out with the islands of Mull and Skye to the south and north respectively – was a place that really hasn’t been on my radar until now. Why would it be ? There … Read More Hidden Gems – Beinn Resipol and Ardnamurchan