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Planning Multi-day Backpacking Meals

  Mary contacted me recently and laid down a challenge which I was happy to accept: Hi, I have read both of your excellent posts on food for backpacking but I want to challenge you to go further.  My son is going to be completing his Gold DoE expedition in the Lake District later this year and my daughter is going to be doing … Read More Planning Multi-day Backpacking Meals


Product review: Lifesystems Intensity 24 Micro Headtorch

A much wider range of head torches are available these days and overall, they’re becoming brighter, lighter and smaller.  Gone are the days of chunky halogen lenses, heavy battery packs and trailing wires.  Now you can choose your head torch to suit any type of outdoor night time activity. I’ve been testing out one of the lightest and smallest: the Lifesystems Intensity 24 micro head torch. … Read More Product review: Lifesystems Intensity 24 Micro Headtorch

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A Beginner’s Guide to Renting a Campervan or Motorhome – Part 2

Part 2 of my guide to renting a campervan or motorhome has just been published by Cool Camping. The first part of the guide covered trip planning a trip: how to choose the right rental campervan or motorhome to suit your needs, what facilities to expect, the costs involved and some essential hints and tips.  Part 2 moves things on and focuses on the trip … Read More A Beginner’s Guide to Renting a Campervan or Motorhome – Part 2


Product review: Minipresso coffee machine

Those of us who enjoy good quality, strong coffee are often short-changed when it comes to being away in the outdoors.  At home we enjoy good, strong espresso topped with a lovely crema, but how can you have this same coffee experience when out and about ? There are now several portable espresso machines on the market, which operate manually, and for the last … Read More Product review: Minipresso coffee machine


10 More Delicious ‘Real Food’ Backpacking Recipes

In my previous post I featured 10 delicious ‘real food’ backpacking recipes to address the ‘imagination gap’ that many hikers seem to have when it comes to outdoor food.  Why put up with bland packet food or expensive freeze-dried options when you can cook your own tasty and healthy food at a fraction of the price ? Although I had to dig around a … Read More 10 More Delicious ‘Real Food’ Backpacking Recipes


Product Review: Outwell Collapsible Kettle

  A space-saving kettle is a boon for any camper and so Outwell’s collapsible kettle is a great buy.  I’d already heard good reports about it so was pleased when Outdoor Camping Direct provided me with one to review. It’s part of Outwell’s ‘Collaps’ range which includes bowls, pots, colanders and washing baskets – all in various bright colours of silicone.  The kettle has a … Read More Product Review: Outwell Collapsible Kettle


Sgor Mor – A Chilly Cairngorm Corbett

August should be a time for relaxing summer walking.  It brings warm, dry weather and gives way to high summit camps and long, lazy evenings. I kept reminding myself of this as I drove north through the torrential rain, bouncing off the tarmac, and my wipers on double-speed.  But unfortunately, this summer – in Scotland at least – has been a very disappointing, wet … Read More Sgor Mor – A Chilly Cairngorm Corbett


10 Delicious ‘Real food’ Backpacking Recipes

. I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of us put little effort into thinking about food when we go backpacking and wild camping.  High on our list of priorities are the route, the gear we’re taking and the logistics of getting from A to B.  Food comes way down the list and tends to grabbed during a supermarket trolley dash for packets … Read More 10 Delicious ‘Real food’ Backpacking Recipes


My BBC radio interview – Hiring and owning a campervan

My debut on the radio talking about camper vans took place this week.  A BBC researcher found my blog and I was delighted to be invited on to Friday’s ‘Out for the Weekend’ programme, a fairly light-hearted take on outdoor interests and activities. You can listen to the programme on BBC Radio iPlayer (starting at 1 hour 24 to 1 hour 45). A reporter had … Read More My BBC radio interview – Hiring and owning a campervan


Happy Campers – Mark, Lauren and ‘Bumblebee’

Since buying ‘Bumblebee’ last Autumn Mark and Lauren have aleady put in a lot of work to make their van ship-shape for the camping season.  The helpful advice they found on the T4 Owner’s Forum has been invaluable.  So far, their trips and weekends away have been fairly local – in preparation for this summer’s Big Trip to Ibiza and back ! ‘Happy Campers’ … Read More Happy Campers – Mark, Lauren and ‘Bumblebee’


Happy Camper – Brenda and ‘Suzie’

Brenda drives a converted Suzuki Wagon R – perhaps the smallest campervan on the roads today – and has packing it off to a fine art.  It’s her daily vehicle: economical to run, easy to park and can easily be spotted in the car park!  In spite of her small size, Suzie has been the perfect base for exploring the backroads of France and the … Read More Happy Camper – Brenda and ‘Suzie’


Scottish California Owners’ Meet, 28-29 March

  We’re having the third annual meet-up of Scottish VW California owners on 28-29 March at Aviemore and it would be great to see as many vans there as possible.  All Californias are welcome, including both T5s (SE and Beach variants) and T4s, prospective owners keen to have a nosy at a Cali as well as any other keen campervanners! We’re camping overnight on the 28th March at … Read More Scottish California Owners’ Meet, 28-29 March