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Campervan colouring book competition

It’s competition time ! The campervan-daft among you will no doubt be aware of the quirky appeal that is Kludoman.  Kludoman is Karl Udo White, a British teacher, artist, musician and surfer who has successfully self-published his range of VW colouring books. He’s just brought out his latest colouring book and I have a copy to give away to one lucky winner of the … Read More Campervan colouring book competition

Camping and walking in Eskdale

  VW campervans and mountains – a great combination for a perfect weekend. I killed two birds with one stone last weekend by attending a  VW camper meet at the Eskdale Campsite and combined this with a couple of days out on the Lake District fells.  A group from the VW California Club organised a meet to coincide with Eskdale Dubfest 2016, a small, friendly … Read More Camping and walking in Eskdale

Buying or hiring a campervan or motorhome – Aston Leisure

Thinking of buying or hiring a campervan or motorhome?  This short article aims to give you an overview of the wide range of options and configurations available. My recent visit to Aston Leisure offered a useful reminder of the range of possibilities that come with buying or hiring a campervan or motorhome.  Having owned a VW California for over five years now I really … Read More Buying or hiring a campervan or motorhome – Aston Leisure

T6 VW California Review

  The VW California remains the ‘gold standard’ camper van with a reputation for flexibility, a 60 year pedigree of design innovation and support from a worldwide dealer network.  I’ve driven my own T5 Cali on a daily basis for five years and so was keen to see how the new T6 Cali compares.  Here’s my first look at the new T6 VW California … Read More T6 VW California Review


Scottish VW California meet, May 2016

  We’re organising another get-together for owners of VW Californias (and similar) on 28-29 May at Glen Nevis – please come along !  Prior to our gathering for lunch in the Autumn the last time we organised a camping weekend was at Loch Morlich in March 2015 where a total of 15 campervans turned up. You can find further information on the event on … Read More Scottish VW California meet, May 2016


My plans for 2016

Firstly, may I wish you all a very Happy New Year !  I hope you’ve had a relaxing break over Christmas; a chance to look back over the year just gone and recharge the batteries.  If, like me, you love to make plans then you’ll also be using this time to think about new year resolutions, bucket lists yet to complete and new hobbies … Read More My plans for 2016

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A Beginner’s Guide to Renting a Campervan or Motorhome – Part 2

Part 2 of my guide to renting a campervan or motorhome has just been published by Cool Camping. The first part of the guide covered trip planning a trip: how to choose the right rental campervan or motorhome to suit your needs, what facilities to expect, the costs involved and some essential hints and tips.  Part 2 moves things on and focuses on the trip … Read More A Beginner’s Guide to Renting a Campervan or Motorhome – Part 2


Scottish Cali meet, 22nd November

  We’re having a get-together for any owners of VW Californias (or similar) on the 22nd November at the Meikleour Arms, just north of Perth.  As always, it’s good to meet up with fellow camper van owners for a bite to eat and a natter.  It would be great to see as many people as can make it. We last met up for a … Read More Scottish Cali meet, 22nd November

A versatile van

  A mobile bedroom.  A kitchen.  A load-lugger.  A changing room.  The VW camper van is all these things and more. I was reminded of this last week when I attended a black tie dinner in Glasgow.  Now, I’ve often used my van to change into walking boots, to put on a wetsuit and to change into cycling or ski gear.  But this was … Read More A versatile van


Product Review: Outwell Collapsible Kettle

  A space-saving kettle is a boon for any camper and so Outwell’s collapsible kettle is a great buy.  I’d already heard good reports about it so was pleased when Outdoor Camping Direct provided me with one to review. It’s part of Outwell’s ‘Collaps’ range which includes bowls, pots, colanders and washing baskets – all in various bright colours of silicone.  The kettle has a … Read More Product Review: Outwell Collapsible Kettle


Volksfling 2015

It’s great to have the chance to see prized VWs up close and so I paid another return visit to Volksfling this weekend which takes place in May and August each year at Biggar.  This is a weekend when VWs of all sorts are polished up, let out of their protective garages and taken out to be shown off. This is an event for enthusiasts. … Read More Volksfling 2015

Is the new VW T6 California for me?

  The latest version of the VW California goes on sale in the UK this month.  With 50,000 Californias sold over the last decade alone it’s proved a real winner for outdoor enthusiasts.  But if you’re looking to buy a new camper van should you buy a new T6 Cali ?  Here’s my personal ‘take’ on the introduction of the new T6. Introducing the … Read More Is the new VW T6 California for me?