Happy Campers


There’s a timeless appeal to a campervan.  The lure of the open road; new places, adventures and roadtrips; and all with the compact self-sufficiency that a campervan offers.

If like me you hankered after a campervan for a long time, you eventually get past the “I’d like to get one someday ...” phase and start to plan it for real.  You’ve saved up and you’re at a time in your life when a camper will fit into your life.  But what kind of campervan should you be looking for ?

There’s a bewildering range of vehicles out there.  From the classic ‘splitscreen’ VW camper from the ’50s to late ’60s to a brand new all-mod-cons VW California; from an imported Mazda Bongo to your own bespoke van conversion.

The Happy Campers series is designed to inspire and inform by profiling real-life stories about real-life campers and their vans.  It’s intended to give you warts-and-all information about what’s it’s like to own and use different types of campervans:

  • what’s great and what’s not so good about particular campervans ?
  • what tips and recommendations do others have ?
  • what dream journeys do these owners have ?

In the Happy Campers section of my site you can find information voluntarily provided by members of the WildaboutScotland community, categorised according to type of campervan.  All the owners have answered the same ten questions.

So whether you’re on the road to buying a campervan, or already own one and are looking for some useful tips and inspiration, Happy Campers is for you.



Happy Camping !