Guide to cycling LEJOG

In May 2015 I cycled 1,000 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats with my nephew.  Before we embarked on this big adventure we weren’t cyclists.  We weren’t cycle fit.  We didn’t even own bikes.  If, like us, you’ve somehow committed yourself to cycling the length of mainland UK because it seemed like “a good idea” then this guide is for you.

I wrote this guide as I trained for and then cycled LEJOG.  I found that while there’s a huge amount of information out there, it’s poorly organised and there are so many different views and opinions on ‘how it should be done’.

Our LEJOG was done south to north.  We also took a scenic, west coast route through the Lake District and Arran, using several ferries and avoiding busier A-roads.  We wanted to camp some of the time so took panniers.  This meant that ours was a 13-day unsupported ride and in all, and we raised over £2,700 for the Maggie’s Centres cancer care charity.

Even if this isn’t the style of LEJOG / JOGLE you’re planning, I hope you’ll still find some value in my guide.  Please ride read on …






My LEJOG cycle – 14 days in May 2015