Buying & owning a campervan

If you’re thinking about buying a campervan or motorhome then hiring one first is a great way to try out the lifestyle.  Will it suit you ?  Will you get the use out of it ?  Will it suit the whole family ?  Can your family ‘grow’ with it ?

First of all, if you’re looking for some initial campervan inspiration, including the history of the VW campervan, then start over here or see the articles at the foot of this page.  But if you’ve already started on the journey from “just thinking about” owing a campervan and are wanting to take the next step then read on.

Hire before you buy

Like many owners, we also decided to hire first before we took the plunge.  Initially, we had our hearts set on a vintage VW campervan (just like the splitcreen and bay window vans my wife grew up with) but after an unfortunate encounter with a poorly maintained van we soon dismissed that unrealistic idea.  We then looked into camper van conversions but didn’t immediately find anything that appealed until we viewed a VW California and were instantly smitten.  Once we saw the space-saving design ingenuity of the Cali and the quality of the build then nothing else came anywhere remotely close.

In my articles for Cool Camping below you can read more about how to hire the right campervan or motorhome for you as well as how to make the most of it once you’re off on your adventure.

Owning a campervan

While VWs are the iconic campervan, they come in many makes, shapes and sizes.  In my Happy Campers series you can hear directly from individual owners and find out what they like about their vans and how they use them.

The articles below provide reviews of the T5 and T6 Californias as well as the processing of researching a campervan conversion.



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