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  12. Hi,
    I’ll start by saying this site is fantastic and very informative!!
    I have a young family and we live in Paisley. We want to start camping this year. I would like to camp somewhere in the West Coast to start with so that we’re not too far from home should we have any problems with the kids. However, I feel like the midgies in this side of the country are unbearable! We’re planning on camping during June. Have you camped anywhere around the Loch Lomond area and found that there were not many midgies?
    Thanks for your time, and your site!!

    • Hi Kerr, Thanks for your positive feedback ! It’s great to hear you want to try camping this year. I think you’re right to start by going somewhere local – that way it doesn’t seem like such a big expedition. But once you get the hang of it I’m sure you’ll want to go farther afield. In my experience, your young family will love it as long as they’re warm, well fed and have fun things to do. Kids are pretty resilient and going camping while they’re still young is the right way to go ! I’ve camped several times at Loch Lomond when midgies have been annoying and also when they’ve not been an issue. Try to avoid still evenings/mornings if you can but honestly, I wouldn’t let it put you off. You can also put on long sleeves/trousers, buy midgie nets or go somewhere where there’s a breeze. After Loch Lomond you might want to go over to the coast where you can be sure of a sea breeze. Good luck !

    • Hi Jenny, would you mind sending me a short message using the form on the rhs of any blog post page? That will send me an email. (It would help if I added the form to this page too ..!).

  13. I feel like this is a silly question .. But I’m going to ask it anyway! I’m looking at t4/5 secondhand vans to buy- I’ve rented one for a week a few years ago. I always camped in the past (tent) so had the use of a car to drive to local towns, walk starts, pubs etc but now the car will be my camp too! How does it work? Do you lose your spot and start again everyday? How complicated is arriving and departing in a campervan just to go Out for the day? I’m single and want to head to Pembrokeshire for my first trip to walk stretches of the coast path.
    Please could you point me in the direction of some tips and reassurance – I’ve looked at your blogs but (a) they are all couples and (b) they don’t mention this part of campervan life!
    Rebecca Bishop

    • Hi Rebecca,

      A great question (not silly at all) and thanks for pointing out that I’ve not previously covered this in any posts. First, many single people own campervans and so you’re definitely not alone.

      When it comes to using a van for both sleeping at night and exploring during the day, some campsites will give you an allocated pitch and so this is not a problem – your pitch is protected. In my experience, club sites (eg Camping & Caravan Club) and bigger sites have numbered pitches but smaller, more informal and independent sites may just ask you to pitch up wherever you like. The solution to losing your spot every time you drive off a more informal site is to (a) put out a sign (like reserving a lounger with a towel !) and/or (b) put up a separate tent or driveaway awning. This second option may not be relevant if you’re on your own (and in any case, it takes time and is a bit of hassle) but you should definitely buy or make a sign. I made mine (a numberplate on a pole!) but you can find lots to buy on eBay etc saying something like “Reserved for a campervan”.

      If you’re concerned about the complications of having to leave your pitch every morning and then set up again at night, my advice is to keep things as simple as possible. You’ll want to have bedding that’s quick and easy to put out/away and may want to sleep ‘upstairs’ to minimise rearranging the van’s seating downstairs. But you need to be very organised.

      Hope this helps !

  14. Hello!
    I’d like to use an image on your website of Loch Venachar where we are doing an open water swimming event on 14th August. I can send you a copy of the image if you send your email. I work for a non profit organisation – Scottish Swimming

    Many thanks

  15. 2 x T6 Californias have reported paint bubbling under the seals on the raising section of the roof.
    Perhaps an update of your excellent article is in order!

    • Good idea, Ian. This sorry saga just goes from bad to worse. I think a lot of owners will be keen to see if the Dieselgate legal action against VW here in the U.K. gets anywhere.

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