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Brandon Mountain

    Standing proud towards the end of the Dingle Peninsula in the far southwest of Ireland is Brandon Mountain.  It’s the most westerly of Ireland’s 900 metre ‘munros’, in County Kerry. In these parts, all place names and landmarks are in the Irish language and so you’ll find Brandon Mountain marked as Cnoc Breanainn (or Brendan’s Hill), after Brendan the Navigator who was … Read More Brandon Mountain

Skydiving and skiing … indoors

When time and funds are limited, there are ingenious ways to practice extreme sports.  Back in November 2015 I took my son skydiving and skiing and this week we did the same again.  But we weren’t really risking life and limb since all of this took place indoors. There are apparently 56 places in the world where you can practice indoor skydiving, and we … Read More Skydiving and skiing … indoors

New site design

I hope you like the new look to Wild about Scotland !  My blog has been offline for the last week while I’ve been updating it to give it a more modern look and feel. The site has had a fairly comprehensive makeover: the homepage now features much larger images and a new ‘featured posts’ section while most of the content is still there … Read More New site design


Product review: Lifesystems Intensity 24 Micro Headtorch

A much wider range of head torches are available these days and overall, they’re becoming brighter, lighter and smaller.  Gone are the days of chunky halogen lenses, heavy battery packs and trailing wires.  Now you can choose your head torch to suit any type of outdoor night time activity. I’ve been testing out one of the lightest and smallest: the Lifesystems Intensity 24 micro head torch. … Read More Product review: Lifesystems Intensity 24 Micro Headtorch


Wild swimming in Skye’s Fairy Pools

In the shadow of Skye’s Black Cuillin lie a spectacular series of pools and waterfalls with crystal clear waters. This is a perfect wild swimming spot, just a 15 minute walk from the winding road in Glen Brittle. The stream, the Allt Coir a’Mhadaidh, cascades down the hillside, with the dark and brooding mountains towering overhead. Just as the first series of pools level … Read More Wild swimming in Skye’s Fairy Pools