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Top 10 Campsites in Scotland

Scotland boasts some fantastic campsites among wonderful mountain and coastal scenery.  Whether you like to camp in pine forests, stay right on the beach with amazing sunsets, prefer to experience a village community with amenities on your doorstep or equally want to get away from it all on a secluded site on a Scottish island, you can find it all here. My Top 10 … Read More Top 10 Campsites in Scotland


Top 10 Family Days Out in Scotland

So the Easter holiday are upon us and you’re looking for somewhere to take the kids that’s going to interest and engage them.  So where to go ? This short guide to the Top 10 Days Out isn’t intended to be a definitive listing – it really depends on where you live, what your interests are and the age of your children.  However, it does draw … Read More Top 10 Family Days Out in Scotland

Top 10 Fish & Chip Shops in Scotland

  As I’m sure you’re all well aware, this week (18-24th February 2013) is National Chip Week.  I must say I for one am pretty excited about the prospect for indulging in some good fish and chips.  On the plus side, Scotland is renowned for its high quality seafood.  But on the other hand, its many fish and chip shops undoubtedly contribute to its … Read More Top 10 Fish & Chip Shops in Scotland


Top 10 Places to see Wildlife in Scotland

Over 1.1 million people take a trip to Scotland to see wildlife each year, with 58% of visitors citing scenery and landscape as their top reason for choosing Scotland as a holiday destination. With a rich diversity of landscapes, 790 islands and 6,200 miles of coastline, Scotland is home to a wide range of wildlife.  From whale and dolphin watching t0 viewing eagles and … Read More Top 10 Places to see Wildlife in Scotland

Top 10 Scottish Festivals

Scotland is host to an enormously wide range of festival all year round.  At around this time of year many people are planning holidays; why not fit a holiday around a festival so that you can experience the real Scotland ? In this ‘Year of Natural Scotland 2013’ I thought I would focus on festivals that have some connection with the outdoors.  I’m not talking … Read More Top 10 Scottish Festivals

Top 10 Tips for Seeing the Northern Lights

While the current 11-year sunspot cycle peaked in 2013 there’s still a great chance to see the Northern Lights over the next couple of years.  In this updated post I’ll share my top tips for seeing the aurora and being prepared when the conditions are just right ! I suspect like many people, seeing the northern lights was near the top of my bucket … Read More Top 10 Tips for Seeing the Northern Lights

Top 10 Film Locations in Scotland

The recent announcement by CNN Travel that the James Bond film Skyfall is one reason why they have named Scotland the world’s top travel destination for 2013 got me thinking ….  What other well-known films have been shot in Scotland, and where ? Here’s my Top 10 list of famous films and their locations. I already knew about many of these films but only … Read More Top 10 Film Locations in Scotland


Top 10 Roadside Pubs in Scotland

There’s nothing more inviting at the end of a day sightseeing or walking in the mountains than a cosy pub with a roaring fire, good food and good beer.  You know the kind of place – real ales on tap, great locally-produced food and a warm, friendly atmosphere. There are plenty of pubs to choose from – over 5,150 at the last count.  (Why did … Read More Top 10 Roadside Pubs in Scotland

Top 10 Remotest Munros

Much of the enjoyment of climbing Scotland’s munros, it’s distinct mountain peaks over 3000ft, comes from ‘getting away from it all’.  This is an opportunity to get (way) off the beaten track and discover parts of Scotland you otherwise would have little reason for visiting. The December 2012 issue of TGO Magazine features a series of articles on Wild Britain including a nice article … Read More Top 10 Remotest Munros

Top 10 Scottish place names

There is an apochryphal story of an American couple passing through Milngavie who became aware that it had a pronunciation to confuse most tourists.  So they thought they’d ask a local.  When having lunch they asked the waitress: “Can you tell us how you pronounce the name of this place and say it slowly so that we can pick it up“.  The obliging lass said, … Read More Top 10 Scottish place names

Top 10 Popular Munros

I did a bit of research to try to discover if there was a definitive listing of Scotland’s most popular munros.  I found lots of discussion threads where people have suggested their favourite munros but the nearest I got to a definitive listing is Walk Highland’s list of most climbed munros, based on submitted trip reports (312,000 at the time of writing). 10.  Ben … Read More Top 10 Popular Munros