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A storm in an inset box

The media has taken great delight this week in announcing that the Scottish Parliament has passed a law banning public bodies from showing Shetland in an inset box.  The Islands (Scotland) Bill aims to outlaw the practice (by public authorities at least) of  positioning Shetland just north of the Moray coast and east of Orkney.  In fact, the islands are around 150 miles from the … Read More A storm in an inset box


Chanonry Point’s new ‘Dolphin Shuttle’

    Scotland’s Moray Firth coast is home to the most northerly colony of bottle nosed dolphins in the world and Chanonry Point is possibly the most famous – and best – place to see them from land.  I’ve visited with my family a few times and had a fantastic time seeing the dolphins just offshore. It’s a popular place to visit and unsurprisingly, it can get … Read More Chanonry Point’s new ‘Dolphin Shuttle’


Scotland from space

On the 25th February 2018 the International Space Station took an absolutely stunning photo of Scotland from space.  While you need to tilt your head (or your screen) sideways a bit to align it with the usual map view of the country, you can make out individual mountain peaks, highlighted in the snow. At the time, the country was gripped in a period of … Read More Scotland from space


Icebreakers and leadership games for young people

  Sometimes, getting started on the right path is the hardest part.  It’s true of any big work project, an outdoor challenge or simply working up the motivation to go out for a run. And as anyone who’s had to deliver a training course or other event with young people will tell you, finding ways to create a relaxed atmosphere is an essential first step … Read More Icebreakers and leadership games for young people


Adventures planned for 2017

  May I wish you a very Happy New Year !  I hope you had a good break of Christmas and are now looking forward to the next twelve months. In common with a lot of people I like to use this time to plan ahead, setting myself some goals to inspire and motivate me throughout the year.  It’s partly about keeping fit but … Read More Adventures planned for 2017

10 best outdoor films on Netflix

  Let’s face it, Christmas TV is rubbish.  Stuffed with random repeats and prime-time ‘blockbusters’ we’ve all seen many times the schedules are hardly worth browsing these days.  As Springsteen once said: 57 channels (and nothin’) on. But over on Netflix there’s a refreshing range of indie films and documentaries that never make it on to the main channels. So if you find Christmas TV tedious … Read More 10 best outdoor films on Netflix


Where to see the best of this year’s Autumn leaves

  If you’re keen to catch autumn leaves at their best then this may be the best time to head out with your camera.  In fact, recent research highlights that 2016 is a particularly vibrant year for autumn colours. Owing to 2016’s wet spring, followed by above-average amounts of sunshine and a mild August and September, trees around the country are set to put on a … Read More Where to see the best of this year’s Autumn leaves

Meeting The Boss

  Completely ‘off topic’ for my usual blog posts, I thought I’d share a pretty amazing experience that happened to me this week …   ….. o     O     o     ….. Most people have a ‘hero’: someone who’s had a strong influence on their life and who, for them at least, helps define their identity.  Quite often as teenagers we ‘discover’ a singer, a band or an … Read More Meeting The Boss


All aboard the Jacobite Steam Train

  Where do you suppose the best railway journey in the world is located ?  Through the Alps in Switzerland ?  Across the Canadian Rockies ?  In fact the West Highland Line from Glasgow to Fort William and on to Mallaig has been voted the worlds’ best in the Wanderlust Travel Awards for the last three years running. The line from Glasgow to Fort William opened in … Read More All aboard the Jacobite Steam Train


The dreaded Scottish midge

  In shaded, boggy ground there lie blood-sucking creatures so vicious that grown men and women will run screaming for their lives.  Great swarms of the predators will descend upon unsuspecting tourists, feeding unremittingly on their bare skin until they die a horrible, really horrible death … Well, not quite.  Certainly not the death bit.  And possibly not the rest of it either. An … Read More The dreaded Scottish midge


Snowdrops in Dunblane

I    Today is a day for quiet reflection. I’m remembering this day twenty years ago when 16 children and their teacher had their lives cruelly taken from them at Dunblane Primary School.  This horrific event had a deep impact upon the community that still exists today.  How could an individual carry out such a senseless and evil crime? The dark events that day shocked … Read More Snowdrops in Dunblane


My plans for 2016

Firstly, may I wish you all a very Happy New Year !  I hope you’ve had a relaxing break over Christmas; a chance to look back over the year just gone and recharge the batteries.  If, like me, you love to make plans then you’ll also be using this time to think about new year resolutions, bucket lists yet to complete and new hobbies … Read More My plans for 2016