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The Clever Camper Cookbook – Review and giveaway competition

If you’ve ever taken a campervan away you’ll know that cooking quick, easy and tasty meals is not always as straightforward as it seems.  Those trusty staples from home might rely on that extra burner or grill that you’re lacking, or perhaps some spices or other ingredients that make it just a little too complicated.  Alternatively, keeping things too simple – relying on that … Read More The Clever Camper Cookbook – Review and giveaway competition


Product review: MSR PocketRocket Stove Kit

  For convenience and ease of use there’s nothing to beat lightweight canister stoves.  Simply screw in an isobutane fuel canister and within minutes you’ve boiled up a brew. MSR’s PocketRocket has been a firm favourite among backpackers and campers for many years and has also been my go-to stove for about the last decade.  Recently I’ve been testing out the integrated 2-person MSR … Read More Product review: MSR PocketRocket Stove Kit


Product Review – Vango Kela III Driveaway Awning

Travelling in a campervan offers flexibility, self-sufficiency and the ability to quickly set up and strike camp.  But there are times when a little extra comfort and room is needed.  Teenagers or dogs might need their own space, or perhaps you want some shelter from the weather.  Whatever the reason, this is when a driveaway awning can come into its own. I’ve been testing out … Read More Product Review – Vango Kela III Driveaway Awning


Review: The Jerba Tiree Campervan

I think I first became aware of campervans in 1977 when a friend’s family bought a bright orange bay-windowed VW. Even in the 1970s, when orange furniture and curtains adorned our living rooms and orange melamine kitchenware jostled for attention, their bright, brand spanking new campervan stood out. It made a statement. So fast forward forty years, and I find myself walking up to … Read More Review: The Jerba Tiree Campervan

Product review: Firepot expedition meals

When you’re out camping, hiking or kayaking, compromises often have to be made when it comes to meals.  Nutritious, tasty food is normally sacrificed for lightweight ‘packet’ meals that are convenient … but bland and merely functional.  It’s as if the pleasure that comes with cooking and eating cannot co-exist with enjoying the outdoors. The new range of Firepot healthy expedition meals by makes … Read More Product review: Firepot expedition meals


Product review: Lifesystems Intensity 24 Micro Headtorch

A much wider range of head torches are available these days and overall, they’re becoming brighter, lighter and smaller.  Gone are the days of chunky halogen lenses, heavy battery packs and trailing wires.  Now you can choose your head torch to suit any type of outdoor night time activity. I’ve been testing out one of the lightest and smallest: the Lifesystems Intensity 24 micro head torch. … Read More Product review: Lifesystems Intensity 24 Micro Headtorch


Product Review – Puncture-proof tyres

If there’s one thing to spark debate among cyclists it’s what do you do in the event of the inevitable puncture.  Do you carry one spare inner tube or two, a CO2 canister or a quick repair patch ?  Well now, the days of punctures may be over: time to ditch those ubiquitous pumps, spares and tyre levers.  Solid, puncture-proof tyres from South Korean … Read More Product Review – Puncture-proof tyres


Product Review – Montane Featherlight Down Jacket

As I write this, snow is falling outside.  In this damp climate of ours you might think that a down jacket is the last garment you’d want to wear on a cold, snowy day.  But thanks to the introduction of water-resistant down over recent years, down jackets can now withstand damp conditions as well as keep us warm on those crisp, cold days we … Read More Product Review – Montane Featherlight Down Jacket


Product review – ViewRanger app

At best, being lost is disorientating and disconcerting but at worst, can be a risk to life.  How many times when out walking in the hills has the cloud quickly descended and you’ve struggled to make sense of your surroundings ?  I experienced exactly these conditions when testing the ViewRanger app on a walk up Ben Vrackie in Perthshire on a cold day when the … Read More Product review – ViewRanger app


Product review: Minipresso coffee machine

Those of us who enjoy good quality, strong coffee are often short-changed when it comes to being away in the outdoors.  At home we enjoy good, strong espresso topped with a lovely crema, but how can you have this same coffee experience when out and about ? There are now several portable espresso machines on the market, which operate manually, and for the last … Read More Product review: Minipresso coffee machine