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A storm in an inset box

The media has taken great delight this week in announcing that the Scottish Parliament has passed a law banning public bodies from showing Shetland in an inset box.  The Islands (Scotland) Bill aims to outlaw the practice (by public authorities at least) of  positioning Shetland just north of the Moray coast and east of Orkney.  In fact, the islands are around 150 miles from the … Read More A storm in an inset box

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Alternative maps of scotland

The world of cartography has evolved a long way since the Ordnance Survey, John Bartholomew & Sons and others started mapping Scotland’s landscape, as described in my last post. These days there are all sorts of different approaches allowing specialist maps and experimentation with different graphical styles. A new map that caught my eye is the Munro Overground map. Inspired by Harry Beck’s famous … Read More Alternative maps of scotland

Bartholomew’s maps: Nostalgia, mounted on cloth

There’s something both alluring and exotic about maps that has captured my curiosity from an early age. They hint at possibilities beyond boundaries, of adventure and new discoveries. But at the same time they provide certainty: a reference to help navigate uncharted territories, offering reassurance that you can avoid getting lost with the help of your new-found companion. I grew up with a map … Read More Bartholomew’s maps: Nostalgia, mounted on cloth