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Lismore’s tranquil charms

My recent excursion to the island of Lismore was book-ended by two encounters with the local Church of Scotland Minister.  A stern chap, he only shared a brief ‘hello’ with me on our second meeting.  Since I was kitted out head to toe in protective gear, bike in hand, I briefly entertained the thought that he might disapprove of people cycling on the Sabbath … Read More Lismore’s tranquil charms

A cycle around Loch Rannoch

  Unusually stormy weather put pay to a planned sea kayaking weekend on the North West coast at Plockton and so, looking for an alternative activity, I settled on a cycle ride around Loch Rannoch. On a weekend when all of Scotland was being blown about, the weather forecast for Loch Rannoch – right in the middle of the country – looked marginally less … Read More A cycle around Loch Rannoch


Top 10 essential apps for the Outdoors

A smartphone is an essential item of kit these days when you’re out for an adventure.  Enabled by a huge number of apps your phone is not only a camera, GPS, notebook, torch, musicplayer … but can also give you a map, weather forecast, emergency beacon, guide to nature and so much more. I’ve selected ten essential apps for the outdoors, a guide to … Read More Top 10 essential apps for the Outdoors

Planning a cycle tour in Scotland

There are some fabulous places to cycle in Scotland given its great scenery and culture.  Some well-known routes include the North Coast 500, the Five Ferries route and the UK’s highest hill climb over the Bealach na Bà, near Applecross. Having done some cycle touring around the west coast as well as Land’s End to John O’Groats I thought I’d share some hints and tips … Read More Planning a cycle tour in Scotland


Cycling Mull to Mallaig

After last year’s epic Land’s End to John O’Groats 1000-mile cycle, my nephew and I planned something a little more modest this year.  Having cycled south to north, the obvious thing to do was to then go west to east.  Right? However, when I looked into the classic coast to coast (C2C) route from Whitehaven/Workington to Tynemouth/Sunderland it just didn’t seem, well … very … Read More Cycling Mull to Mallaig


Product Review – Puncture-proof tyres

If there’s one thing to spark debate among cyclists it’s what do you do in the event of the inevitable puncture.  Do you carry one spare inner tube or two, a CO2 canister or a quick repair patch ?  Well now, the days of punctures may be over: time to ditch those ubiquitous pumps, spares and tyre levers.  Solid, puncture-proof tyres from South Korean … Read More Product Review – Puncture-proof tyres


LEJOG – Getting into Training

I remember the first time I cycled into work.  It’s only just over seven miles but I distinctly recall walking down a short flight of steps feeling my thigh muscles cry out in pain.  Like anything, if you suddenly subject your body to some new exercise then it certainly feels pretty tough. But guess what ?  Building up that exercise – slowly – gradually builds strength … Read More LEJOG – Getting into Training


LEJOG – Accommodation options

If you’re just starting out to plan an end-to-end cycle tour then you may be thinking about where on earth you’re going to stay along the route.  Let me give an overview of the various options and also provide some hints and tips to plan your own route. There are essentially five main options – or a combination of these: B&Bs / Hotels Youth hostels Campsites … Read More LEJOG – Accommodation options


LEJOG Packing List – Cycling Gear

If there’s one topic more likely than route options to spark debate among end-to-enders then it’s what gear to take.  In advance of our trip I thought I’d share my own kit lists, this one covering my bike and associated gear and the second covering our camping and non-cycling gear.  I’d be interested in any feedback – and will update this post after we arrive … Read More LEJOG Packing List – Cycling Gear


LEJOG Packing List – Camping/other gear

Making sure you’ve carefully chosen everything you’ll need for an extended cycle tour is an important aspect of the planning process.  In this second of two articles on my choice of gear to take on my LEJOG cycle trip I’m focusing on camping and non-cycling equipment.  I’ve listed the kit I’m planning to take below and I’ll update this article on my return to … Read More LEJOG Packing List – Camping/other gear