When you’ve been away hiking, camping or cycling you’ll know there are times when multipurpose straps are extremely useful.  Maybe you need to attach something to your pack?  Tie it down to stop it rattling or flapping in the wind?  Or secure your bike, skis or suitcase?  I’ve been putting the Wraptie multifunctional straps to the test to see if they really do provide a suitable alternative to bungees, rope and elastic.

First impressions

Wrapties have a wide range of potential applications for outdoors, general household and travel use.  They come in three lengths (130, 180 and 240cm) and are made from industrial-grade elasticated webbing.  The ingenious part is that each double-sided strap contains a series of hook-and-loop sections along its length, alternated with elasticated webbing.  One end of the strap can also be tied to form a grab handle.  This allows them to be fastened and stretched in very versatile ways – the permutations are almost endless.

Compared to bungees and other straps there are no hard, metal buckles or hooks that can scratch your valuable gear – it’s simply a case of wrapping and securing the Wraptie to fix it in place.  Wraptie claim that the straps can secure a load of up to 50kg.  I haven’t tested that claim but can vouch for the fact that the hook-and-loop system is strong, and is even stronger if you overlap the strap to make it doubly secure.

The straps are lightweight, a mere 43 grams each, which means that even an ultralight hiker can consider taking one along ‘just in case’.  When not in use they simply roll up into a neat, fist-size package to be easily stored, so no need for any frustrating disentangling before use as often happens with bungees or rope.

I really like the fact that they’re made from sustainable materials: each strap is made from the equivalent of one 500ml recycled plastic bottle.  Wraptie are committed to innovation to ensure that the plastics they use are reusable, recyclable or compostable, replacing single-use plastics such as duct tape or cling film.

All Wrapties come with a two-year warranty against faulty workmanship or materials.


Take a look at this short video from Wraptie that illustrates how they can be used:


On test

I’ve been testing out the 90cm version of the straps – or up to 180cm if two are secured together.  These were supplied to me direct from Wraptie – I see they’re not available for sale in the UK.  I found the 90cm version the perfect length for securing my tent to the rack on my bike.  The Wrapties looped through the rack and fastened tightly and easily, and were a doddle to remove.  Any ‘excess’ strap was easily wrapped around my tent.



On a wet and breezy backpacking weekend I tied two Wrapties together to ensure my rucsac raincover didn’t blow away.  (If you have one of these rucsac covers you’ll know they’re notorious for catching the wind like a sail and before you know it, it’s blown across the hillside never to be seen again). The raincover is a generic size and big enough for an 80 litre rucsac, far less my 45 litre pack, so the Wraptie did a great job of keeping it tight around my pack and stopped any flapping in the wind.



Two straps also fitted neatly around a small-sized suitcase.  If you’re the kind of traveller who stuffs their suitcase full to the brim, an external strap not only gives you the peace of mind to know that your suitcase won’t come open if the zip fails but it’s also a (reasonably) unique design that will stand out on the baggage carousel.  I adjusted the two straps to maximise the overlap between them and therefore, their strength.



And while a normal lead is the most conventional approach I did try out a Wraptie strap when taking my new puppy out for a walk!



I hadn’t come across Wrapties before and they offer a simple and effective alternative to bungees and rope.  There are no knots to tie, no buckles to fiddle with and no metal parts to scratch your expensive gear.  When stretched and taut they hold your items tightly together, and I found no evidence of them loosening their grip when in use.

Wraptie straps are extremely versatile and it’s well worth taking some time to find out how they can best be used.  The range of applications is probably limited by your own imagination since they can be used for almost anything that needs wrapping, securing or attaching.

What I liked:

  • Extremely versatile – multipurpose
  • Strong and tough design
  • No metal buckles, hooks or sharp corners to scratch your gear
  • No fiddly bits to disentangle before use
  • Lightweight and rolls away into a small pack
  • Manufactured from recycled materials
  • Distinctive colouring / label that stands out.  (Note that the straps for sale on the Wraptie UK website are also bright orange!)


What I wasn’t so keen on:

  • Fairly expensive when compared to rope and bungees.


You can buy Wrapties via their UK website.  I had a 90cm twinpack to test although I see these are not currently available in the UK.  Alternatively, the 130cm single sells for £14 (£26 twinpack), the 180cm single is £19 (£34 twinpack) and the 240cm single is £22 (£39 twinpack).

Note:  The Wrapties were provided to me to review for free by Wraptie in Australia.  I have no connection with the company.  I have provided an honest and impartial review based on my personal experience in using it.


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