One of the featured campsites – Fidden Farm on Mull

As schools break up for the summer and this glorious spell of warm, sunny weather is continuing, why not make some plans to visit some of Scotland’s fantastic scenic campsites?

VisitScotland has been analysing Instagram hashtags, and cross referencing these to some of the most popular family-oriented campsites in Scotland, as voted by TripAdvisor users.  Their results highlight twelve most scenic campsites right across Scotland that stand out for their memorable views.  The twelve campsites are categorised by location:

• Stargazing
• Beaches
• Woodlands
• Mountains
• Sunrises
• Sunsets

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a family camping trip this summer, take a look at these instantly instagrammable sites.

Half of them are included in my own recommended top campsites in Scotland.  You’ll find many more suggestions in my article as well as in the companion post on my Top 10 Scottish beach campsites.

And if you’re looking for more info and the inside track on the best places to eat, stay and visit in Scotland, have a browse around the iKnow online community forum.  It contains loads of hints and tips from people passionate about Scottish tourism, including VisitScotland Ambassadors like myself.

Happy camping – and long may the fine weather continue!



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