The moon shining through the clouds above the Wallace Monument

For the first time since 1982 this week we were treated to the spectacle of a ‘super blue blood moon’.  It was a chance to see the convergence of three rare events: a supermoon, a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse, which turns the moon a blood coloured orangey-red.

A supermoon is when there’s a full moon that happens when the moon is positioned closest to the Earth in its orbit, and a blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month.  It’ll be 2037 before these three phenomena coincide again.

I decided to use some of Stirling’s historic locations as foreground.  It was a pity that the sky was largely cloudy when I headed out early in the evening but in fact the high cloud simply amplified the effect.  The moon appeared like a huge disc above the Wallace Monument and shone brightly above Stirling Castle.

Atmospheric clouds above Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle, backlit

If you appreciate good photography (not necessarily mine!) don’t forget that the Galloway giveaway competition is still open until Sunday 11th February.  Featuring the fantastic landscape photography of Allan Wright, you could win a copy of one of Allan’s latest books all about his home region of Galloway.

It’s dead easy to enter so please take a look!


4 Comments on “Chasing the ‘super blue blood moon’

  1. Wow …..stunning photos…..yours and Allan’s. Not spent much time in Galloway, always seem to head north from Glasgow but Allan’s photography certainly shows what we have been missing! I like No.18 the pony trekkers on the beach. In a previous life as a commercial underwriter we were always told to be aware when insuring farms in this area because the cattle had a habit of being swept away or trapped on the beaches due to the fast tides ……not sure if this is factually correct but that’s what I remember being told. Hope the pony trekkers didn’t get caught out!

    • Whether it’s true or not it’s an interesting story! Thanks for your great feedback. However, would you mind leaving your comment on the Galloway competition page – given that’s one of the entry rules? Good luck 😉

  2. wow great night photos! your photos truly are an inspiration. I just recently got into photography, not so good yet, but i find getting great night photos very challenging,

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