Sometimes, getting started on the right path is the hardest part.  It’s true of any big work project, an outdoor challenge or simply working up the motivation to go out for a run.

And as anyone who’s had to deliver a training course or other event with young people will tell you, finding ways to create a relaxed atmosphere is an essential first step in creating the conditions where valuable learning can take place.

I was pleased to get an e-mail this week from John Hardy at EPIC Adventures in Texas.  EPIC run a range of summer camps and volunteering programmes with a strong focus on outdoor adventure, helping young people grow and mature so they can become self-confident leaders.  Great stuff.

He shared with me their list of 22 icebreakers and leadership games they use at their travel camps and I thought this was a really great resource.  I work with groups of young people on the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and every year when we deliver a our training we look to try a new fun activity to get them relaxed, to open up and in the right frame of mind to absorb new learning.

With thanks to John and EPIC Adventures I’m pleased to highlight this great list – I’ll certainly be referring back to it for some good ideas.

And in the spirit of sharing good ideas, do you know of any great icebreakers or leadership games that really work for you?



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