I hope you like the new look to Wild about Scotland !  My blog has been offline for the last week while I’ve been updating it to give it a more modern look and feel.

The site has had a fairly comprehensive makeover:

  • the homepage now features much larger images and a new ‘featured posts’ section
  • while most of the content is still there the site structure has been updated.  There are three main sections:
    • Escape – describing my current and planned adventures around Scotland by foot, bike, paddle, tent and campervan.  All my articles are indexed on the sub-pages
    • Explore – spotlighting some key interests, guides and projects
    • Experience – my Top 10 Scotland series of tourism recommendations

I’ve tried to simplify the site structure and give more emphasis to photography – as well as high quality writing – throughout.

Inevitably, there will be teething issues.  Things may not look right, some links may not work as expected and the site might not work correctly on all browsers and devices.

So I need your help !

Please, if you come across an issue with the site layout or structure can you please get in touch using the ‘Contact’ form ?  I can only get things fixed if I know about them – and there’s only so much testing you can do offline with a site of over 250+ articles !



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