When high pressure’s in charge and there’s a foggy murk that casts a dark shadow in the valleys, it’s often a different world higher up.  Just climb a few hundred metres and you emerge from the darkness into the light: the sun shines brightly in a deep blue sky and there below lies a sea of fluffy white cloud.

A quick jaunt up Dumyat in the Ochil hills was enough to reveal a different world above the clouds today.  Not many people ventured uphill though.  Only those who truly believed the sun would triumph over the clouds higher up persevered.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking …











149 Comments on “Above the clouds

  1. Absolutely incredible. When my family and I were living in Germany we visited Ireland during a summer, hopping around to different bed and breakfasts and going to see different sites like the Ring of Kerry. Your pictures just make me miss it all even more haha. Hope to go back some day soon. Nice work!

    • I’m glad these shots bring back good memories. It was a stunning day for a walk and walking up from the darkness into the bright sun was a surreal experience.

  2. These are beautiful images. The rolling hills of Scotland! I so earnestly hope I can tread upon those valleys someday!

  3. Thank you so much! Scotland is in my to see list.
    Strangely my hometown, Shillong, in India is nicknamed the Scotland of the East. Shillong used to the capital of Assam of British India and the landscape and weather supposedly led to the nicknaming. 🙂

    • That’s useful to know. I can imagine you have your fair share of mild, wet, cloudy weather then? But we don’t see much (any) tea grown here though …!

      • Yep, the northeastern part of India receives one of the heaviest rainfall in the world. And then the remainder days are pleasant never too hot as the notorious Indian summers 🙂 I was reading an article that Britain is cultivating its first tea supposedly!

      • I heard that too. In fact, a work colleague is growing his own tea – but I think it’s indoors in Scotland’s cooler climate.

    • Yes! In more ways than one in fact. There are deeply religious overtones in my metaphor of emerging out of the darkness into the light, when only the enlightened had the faith that the sun would shine that day.

      The only thing is that I didn’t consciously write this with that metaphor in mind – it took my mum (a preacher) to point this out and she used it in the theme of her service the following day!

      • I love to travel and explore. Have been to Edinburgh and that place made me go on cloud nine. The peaceful demeanour of people; the city charm; the antiquated beauty stole my heart.

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  5. Lovely pictures. It took me 24 years to get to Scotland and only living in Leeds made me slightly embarrassed that I hadn’t been before! Great place, any recommendations from yourself that are off the beaten track?

    • Shame on you…!! It’s easy to get off the beaten track, just stray beyond the main paths or hotspots and you’re often on your own. The scenery in the NW and also in the Cairngorms is stunning. So maybe use Ullapool, Aviemore or Braemar as a base for exploring? But there are great spots all over Scotland.

      • It was only a weekend in Edinburgh so I think you can let me off for not getting too far off the beaten track!! I will most certainly check them out though on our next visit! Thanks for the tips

  6. Such beautiful photos! It makes me feel pretty depressed that I’m sitting at a job I hate and all I want to do is go out there… Thanks for sharing your hike!

  7. Lovely photos! Those goats know what you are talking about!

      • Oh haha! Upon closer inspection I see the great clouds of hair surrounding their bodies. My apologies! Always look beyond the horns!

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  9. Wow. love the pictures! They are beautiful*_*
    Please keep posting as many as you can! They are unbelievable😍

  10. I’ve dreamed of visiting Scotland since I was a child. I was just talking to a friend about it yesterday and stumbled onto your site today! I think the Universe is telling me to start planning my trip…

    • Serendipitous! Yes, as an ambassador for Scottish tourism I think you should take that as a sign and start planning that trip right away:) I’m sure you would love a visit here.

  11. I always thought it would be so neat to visit Ireland. Thank you for bringing me closer than I may ever get 🙂

    • Ha ha ! This isn’t Ireland… but Scotland ! I’m sure Ireland’s a great place too but as an ambassador for tourism to Scotland I’m bound to say that our hills are bigger and our welcome is much warmer. So, please come to Scotland too 🙂

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