When high pressure’s in charge and there’s a foggy murk that casts a dark shadow in the valleys, it’s often a different world higher up.  Just climb a few hundred metres and you emerge from the darkness into the light: the sun shines brightly in a deep blue sky and there below lies a sea of fluffy white cloud.

A quick jaunt up Dumyat in the Ochil hills was enough to reveal a different world above the clouds today.  Not many people ventured uphill though.  Only those who truly believed the sun would triumph over the clouds higher up persevered.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking …











149 Comments on “Above the clouds

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  5. Really lovely photos. A surge of memories resurfaced from my 12 weeks in a tiny bothy on Lismore over 6 trips through the winter of 06/07. My medium is paint, and your images are very ‘painterly’. Thanks. Will call back soon

    • Oh that’s great, really interesting you saw them in a ‘painterly’ way (good word). It was a very surreal experience. The normal view was closed off leaving islands of hills way into the distance, with wispy clouds lapping at my feet.

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  7. On my blog you may travel digitally throughout Norway. (And it’s all free!) More than 6000 pictures – all in ‘full screen’ – from cities, municipalities, from tourist destinations or just plain Norwegian nature at its best.
    Everything is texted in English as well as Norwegian. Please enjoy!

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