Will Copestake, the Scottish and UK Adventurer of the Year 2015, has just started a great adventure to complete a winter round of the Corbetts (Scottish mountains of between 2,500 to 3000ft).  Having already completed a winter round of the munros in 2013/14 – after kayaking around Scotland’s coastline ! – this is certainly another challenging expedition which will take Will five months to complete.

It’s not the first time that someone’s attempted a winter round of the Corbetts so what makes this challenge stand out?

I was interested to find out that Will’s making this a very social adventure.  He’s shared his planned itinerary on his blog and he’s inviting people to join him.  He’s posting details of his actual walks on Twitter (clearly, his plans are subject to change owing to weather and so on) and he’s asking whoever’s interested to get in touch and walk with him.  Just keep checking the hashtag #ColdestCorbett if you want to find out what progress he’s making.

This is a really novel idea that not only helps to relieve the inevitable loneliness of walking solo throughout the winter but also gives you and I the chance to catch up with a comparatively young  adventurer who’s already got impressive experience under his belt.  I’m hoping to join Will fairly soon if I can.

If you haven’t already discovered Will’s blog I’d strongly encourage you to look it up.  There are some  really inspirational photos and vivid, well-written accounts of his adventures in Scotland, Norway, Iceland and Patagonia.

You can also catch a short interview with Will on BBC Radio Scotland’s Out for the Weekend programme (starting at 33 mins).

I’ll certainly be following Will’s progress with interest.



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