If you’re keen to catch autumn leaves at their best then this may be the best time to head out with your camera.  In fact, recent research highlights that 2016 is a particularly vibrant year for autumn colours.

Owing to 2016’s wet spring, followed by above-average amounts of sunshine and a mild August and September, trees around the country are set to put on a particularly spectacular display this year.  From green to gold, ochre, red and terracotta, the trees are putting on one last fanfare before winter strips them bare.

But where’s the best place to see the autumn leaves this year?  Using Met Office data and with help from Andrew Smith (the Forestry Commission’s Director at Westonbirt, the National Arboretum), wood-burning stove specialist company Glowing Embers has created a great infographic revealing which parts of the UK should experience the best autumn colours.  Glowing Embers trawled through 30 years of weather data- looking at historical statistics for rainfall, temperature and sunshine hours on a regional level and compared them to 2016 statistics to find the results.

It turns out that Wales is forecast to have the most vibrant autumn colours this year along with the Lake District and NW England.  These areas are closely followed by Northern and Western Scotland.

Happy hunting, leaf-peepers !


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