Raspberry and thyme gin

Raspberry and thyme gin


In a recent post I described how I’d been foraging to collect natural ingredients to infuse in alcohol to make wild cocktails.  The inspiration came from ‘Wild Cocktails’, the book by Lottie Muir, and I’d spent an enjoyable Saturday afternoon making delicious syrups and mixing various infusions with gin and vodka.

It might sound quite complicated but in fact once you know what you’re doing, it’s pretty straightforward.  Once made, the infused alcohol can be kept for up to six months and the syrups last in the fridge for 2 – 3 weeks.

Over the last month or two I’ve been sampling the results …

I think my favourite so far has to be the raspberry and thyme syrup added to gin.  It’s a lovely, sweet and intense flavour and was so much richer than any other flavoured gin I’ve tried (such as Edinburgh Gin’s raspberry gin).

The Woodland Martini was another favourite.  This is a little more complicated but involves mixing pine-infused vodka with charred sage syrup (a mix of charred sage leaves and dark wildflower honey), together with vermouth and lemon juice.  As Lottie Muir says in her book: “The idea of this cocktail is for it to taste and small like a walk in the woods“.  And it does: it has a gorgeous, smoky flavour.

I also enjoyed the rhubarb and ginger syrup mixed with gin as well as the gorse-flower syrup, the latter giving a very distinctive taste immediately reminiscent of the aroma of Spring hillsides.  (Gosh, I’m beginning to sound like those insufferable wine experts on the telly …).

The final bottle I’ve been sampling is my fennel-infused gin, a subtle and smooth drink.

And after spending the last half an hour writing this post I think I’m getting just a little parched.  I might just make myself a wee nightcap …


Clover Club cocktail

Clover Club cocktail


Raspberry and thyme gin



Woodland Martini cocktail

Woodland Martini cocktail


Saturday night is often Cocktail Night in our house !




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