Snowdrops in Dunblane


Today is a day for quiet reflection.

I’m remembering this day twenty years ago when 16 children and their teacher had their lives cruelly taken from them at Dunblane Primary School.  This horrific event had a deep impact upon the community that still exists today.  How could an individual carry out such a senseless and evil crime?

The dark events that day shocked the world beyond belief.  The tragic loss of life led directly to a permanent change in the UK’s gun control laws, taking handguns out of the reach of ordinary individuals.  Just as it should be.

o   O   o

Just as Spring snowdrops came to symbolise the campaign to ban handguns, new growth and new beginnings have taken shape.  Lives are moving on.  Time is slowly healing the wounds.  And children have grown up.  Luckily, Dunblane is now better known for the success of two of its pupils, Jamie and Andy Murray, with Andy now the world’s number two men’s singles tennis player.  This is something to celebrate and be immensely proud of.

o   O   o

Today, I’ll be spending the day at Dunblane High School, teaching a group of 14 year olds the outdoor skills they’ll need for their Duke of Edinburgh scheme expeditions.  The kids are full of energy and attitude, and are blessed with the opportunity and potential to grow up and achieve great things.  They have their whole lives ahead of them.  Just as it should be.


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