Sports car


A mobile bedroom.  A kitchen.  A load-lugger.  A changing room.  The VW camper van is all these things and more.

I was reminded of this last week when I attended a black tie dinner in Glasgow.  Now, I’ve often used my van to change into walking boots, to put on a wetsuit and to change into cycling or ski gear.  But this was the first time I emerged in a dinner suit and black tie.

For those of you of a certain vintage you may remember Mr Benn on TV (first shown in 1971-72 in case you’re wondering).  Mr Benn had a habit of visiting his local costume shop, changing out of his suit and bowler hat to have various adventures as a spaceman, gladiator, pirate and so on.  It looks pretty dated now but brings back memories !  I’m not sure I can get the thought of my van as my personal costume shop out of my head now …



This selection of fantastic vintage VW adverts just go to prove the versality of the VW camper van.

How do you use your camper van ?


VW Bus ad

VW Bus ad 1

VW Bus ad 2




2 Comments on “A versatile van

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Now I’m off to pack my dinner suit and black tie in the T4, just in case I need them.
    Cheers, Alen

    • Ha ha ! I don’t make a habit of it … My van’s wardrobe is full of rugs and other paraphernalia so the dinner suit had to lie on the back seat. The mirror was useful for tieing my bow tie though.

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