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A space-saving kettle is a boon for any camper and so Outwell’s collapsible kettle is a great buy.  I’d already heard good reports about it so was pleased when Outdoor Camping Direct provided me with one to review.

It’s part of Outwell’s ‘Collaps’ range which includes bowls, pots, colanders and washing baskets – all in various bright colours of silicone.  The kettle has a stainless steel base but is perfectly rigid in use, with no danger of the kettle collapsing when on a stove !  It measures 14.5cm in height with a diameter of 16.5cm, yet packs down to a slim 4.5cm.

I already have a collapsible silicone colander and so I appreciated the benefits of saving space – and rattles – in my camper van.

The kettle holds about 4 or 5 mugs of water and pours cleanly without drips.  Compared with my aluminium kettle I liked that fact that the handle is positioned on the side rather on top, avoiding any potential accidents with hot steam.  The handle stays cool although I do wonder if the rivets fixing it to the kettle might be a weakness in future.

I liked using the kettle.  It seemed to boil quickly and didn’t have any unpleasant aftertaste.  The only design feature I would have liked to see is a whistle (all campers need a kettle with a whistle, right ?).  Since the kettle boils quietly it’s not always obvious that your water’s ready, and only the rising steam lets you know.   With a volume of 1.5 litres it doesn’t hold quite as much water as my aluminium kettle but I don’t think this is a drawback given that most camping pans aren’t any larger than this anyway.

At the current price (£26.97) the Outwell kettle is more than twice the price of other travel kettles.  Buyers looking simply for a functional kettle might be deterred although it’s only a little more to pay to provide the additional space-saving and rattle-free benefits.


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Ease of use                    9

Performance                   9

Features and design       7

Build quality                    8

Value for money             8


Space-saving, reduced rattles compared with aluminium kettle, pours well, safe handle that doesn’t get hot and keeps hands away from hot steam, attractive colours, part of a wider ‘Collaps’ range of Outwell silicone products, no unpleasant taste.


No whistle, relatively more expensive than aluminium kettles, while build quality seems good the rivets attaching the handle might potentially become a weakness after significant use.

Recommended use:

Great for car campers and campervanners who appreciate good, space-saving design.


Note: The Outwell kettle was given to me for free by Outdoor Camping Direct in order to write an independent product review.  Read more about my blog policies here.




4 Comments on “Product Review: Outwell Collapsible Kettle

  1. Great review and you have picked up on some of the reasons why didn’t end up getting one! 1) No whistle, really, no whistle!!! 😉 2) Cost It was nearly 3 times the price of the one that I bought (with a folding handle) which had a whistle and also a colour that I wanted. The colour scheme that Outwell products have are a bit too primary for my taste although they do look great.

  2. 100% agree – what’s the good of a camping kettle without a whistle? We just bought a new camping kettle and it would have been this one it it wasn’t for the serious oversight!

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