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My debut on the radio talking about camper vans took place this week.  A BBC researcher found my blog and I was delighted to be invited on to Friday’s ‘Out for the Weekend’ programme, a fairly light-hearted take on outdoor interests and activities.

You can listen to the programme on BBC Radio iPlayer (starting at 1 hour 24 to 1 hour 45).

A reporter had previously been out to visit Vintage VW Campers in Falkirk to find out all about hiring a classic bay-window campervan.  It was great to hear all about ‘Ziggy’, a blue 1973 Westfalia T2, and to particularly hear the sound of that air-cooled engine on the radio.  Another campervan owner, Pauline Moore, and I then chatted about what’s like to own a van, how we become owners and how we use our vans.  I’ve since been invited out to visit Vintage VW Campers over the summer.

With such a wide range of camper vans available – see my series of posts from many, many Happy Campers – I hope that the programme will inspire a few more people to think about and take the next step in hiring or buying a van.  For those who are keen to take the next steps, have a look at some of my recent blog posts:

I’d never been to the BBC’s swanky new building at Pacific Quay in Glasgow and wasn’t quite sure what to expect when being interviewed.  It turns out that it’s a lot more of an informal process then you might think when you listen to the slick and professional BBC !

‘Out for the Weekend’ is produced from the BBC’s Aberdeen studio and so Pauline and I were in a completely different studio, with just a brief hello and thanks over the headphones from the producer to ‘top and tail’ the interview.  I’m sure there was a ‘plan’ to exactly which segments of the programme would take place … but the person who escorted us into the small studio in Glasgow seemed a little vague and only briefly consulted her little notebook.  It’s a wonder that there aren’t more awkward silences on the radio when they cut over to a different studio that happens to be empty !  Anyway, it was a great experience and interesting to see what exactly goes on behind the scenes.

My blog’s been a little quiet lately.  Quite simply, the reason is that after my mammoth LEJOG cycling trip I’ve taken a little break from outdoor activities and have been catching up with the family, work and a big house improvement project taking place just now.  After a month off the bike you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve been enjoying commuting to work too.

I’m planning to fit in some walking and camping trips away during the next few weeks and months but don’t (yet !) have any epic adventures lined up, although my wife stupidly bought me Lonely Planet’s 1000 Ultimate Adventures and my bucket list is now full to brimming !  I have a couple of other blog-related ‘projects’ taking shape in the background and will definitely be lining up some more outdoor adventures very soon.  Stay tuned …

5 Comments on “My BBC radio interview – Hiring and owning a campervan

  1. Hi looking to purchase a vehicle & deciding re 4motion – how do you find your vehicle copes with Scottish weather – any advice appreciated

    It’s usually between a manual 4 motion used or a DSG 2 wheel drive – what’s your thoughts on winter tyres / socks & 2WDtraction control


    • I can count on one hand the number of times I would have wanted 4motion. I personally don’t deliberately go off road and 2WD is fine for most campsites in most conditions. So my only concern is being able to stop a 3 tonne van effectively in icy weather.

      Given winters tend to be pretty mild on the whole (there are just a handful of days where we live each winter where the weather tends to be dicey) I bought winter tyres and I just swap the wheels/tyres over each November and March. I feel more confident in winter having them on. It’s personal choice of course but I think Winter tyres/2WD is perfectly fine – and much cheaper than 4motion.

      • Thank you very much for taking the time to reply – much appreciated & much valued information due to your experiences



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