Day 6


76 miles and 2,799 feet ascent.

I suppose folk from the south of England would say that this was the day we reached “the north” but for us it’s well south and not even half way up the country.  We continued as yesterday left off on the A49 for another 40 miles all the way past Warrington, where the traffic would become busier.  We planned to meet up with John Mills, a keen cyclist who follows this blog.  He was going to ride with us and lead us along relatively quieter roads to the west of the M6 before we picked up our favourite road again (the A49).  The old A6 would then take us from Preston for the last 10 miles to our campsite at Garstang.

Today’s journey in three words:  flat, urban, A roads. 

What actually happened:

We made good time on the A49 north oh Whitchurch, covering 26 miles before coffee and a bacon/ black pudding roll in a transport cafe. What can you say about A roads ?  They take the shortest, most efficient route from A to B, and have smooth surfaces, but they’re not the most interesting of routes. Fortunately it wasn’t too busy and we were soon through Warrington. 

Today we met up with John Mills, who’s been really helpful in suggesting a better route through the maze of motorways, roundabouts and busy junctions that seem to congregate in this part of the urban north west. In real life John was just as helpful. A mine of interesting stories and advice, and a great cycling companion as he steered us through his back yard north to Preston. Thanks John !  Lots of food, coffee and cakes were consumed, giving us energy on our way north. 

Yes, we’re most definitely in the north now. Red- brick terraces line the town roads. Thick Lancashire accents abound. And an aroma of curry wafted across the whole of Preston !  I even had fish and chips with mushy peas for my tea. 


The high points:

  • Being steered through the urban north west by John
  • Flat roads
  • A good campsite (Wyreside Farm) with a good pub just a stone’s throw away

And the low points:

  • Traffic

Today’s stats:

  • 79 miles cycled
  • 12.2 mph average speed
  • 38.8 mph fastest speed (a new record)


3 Comments on “LEJOG Day 6 – Whitchurch to Garstang

  1. Well done to both of you, has sounded pretty tough with lots of elevation, thought England was mostly flat!

    • Actually the last few days have been pretty flat. My legs are tired so are beginning to dislike any hills !

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