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Our route from Land’s End to John O’Groats takes us up the west coast of England and Scotland via Arran.  At 1,005 miles it’s not the shortest route possible, but should give a scenic journey that avoids busy A roads as much as we can manage, while still keeping within our 14 day total.  By the time we reach Patterdale in the Lake District we’ll be half way.

Our aim was to try to average 75 miles each day while easing into the cycling on the first day.  In addition to our 52 miles on Day 1 we’ll also have another 10 miles from Penzance YH out to Land’s End.

In planning each day’s route we have taken route elevation into account, planning a shorter day through the Lake District and over Kirkstone Pass and being able to plan a much longer route the following day but with similar height gain.  At 97 miles, Day 8 will be our longest, closely followed by Day 12 from Fort Augustus to Lairg along Loch Ness and across the Black Isle.  I think Day 2 in hilly Devon will be the toughest – at 78 miles and 5,170ft ascent – but rewarded with a B&B at the end and an easier day to recover the next day.

We toyed with the idea of going to Lizard Point, the southernmost point in the British Isles, as well as Dunnet Head, the most northerly point.  It was a lot easier to plan a short diversion to Dunnet Head rather than the 50 mile detour to Lizard Point, so I’m afraid Lizard Point will have to wait until the next time.

In case you’re interested in the route we’ve planned here are the daily legs (on ridewithgps.com) in full:

Day 1:  Land’s End to St Columb Major [52 miles, +3262ft ascent]

Day 2:  St Columb Major to Crediton [78 miles, +5170ft ascent]

Day 3:  Crediton to Cheddar [67 miles, +2545ft ascent]

Day 4:  Cheddar to Ledbury [84 miles, +3340ft ascent]

Day 5:  Ledbury to Whitchurch [84 miles, +3279ft ascent]

Day 6:  Whitchurch to Garstang [76 miles, +2799ft ascent]

Day 7:  Garstang to Patterdale  (61 miles, +3790ft ascent]

Day 8:  Patterdale to St John’s Town of Dalry [97 miles, +3672ft ascent]

Day 9:  St John’s Town of Dalry to Lochranza  [86 miles, +3349ft ascent]

Day 10:  Lochranza to Connel [75 miles, +5049ft ascent]

Day 11:  Connel to Fort Augustus [67 miles, +4037ft ascent]

Day12:  Fort Augustus to Lairg  [91 miles, +4535ft ascent]

Day 13:  Lairg to Thurso [84 miles, +4174ft ascent]

Day 14:  Thurso to John O’Groats (via Dunnet Head) [19 miles, +883ft ascent]

Total = 1,007 miles & 49,884ft ascent.

8 Comments on “Our LEJOG route

  1. Wish you all the best for your challenge, look forward to your progress reports.

    • Thanks Stuart ! The training’s going well and I’ve been lucky to have hired a bike on holiday in Lanzarote this week to keep the miles up. It’s made a nice change to have had warm, sunny weather – first time out cycling this year without my waterproof jacket on !

  2. I’m interested in touring Europe by bicycle. This will be a great help when I get to Scotland! Happy riding !

  3. Lands end seems such a long way from us here in Lancashire, yet you’ll not even be half way….I predict some very long days in the saddle especially with the elevation you have to deal with on many of them and the final day in excess of 8,000 ft! Hats off to you both.
    May the sun shine and the wind be on your backs.
    Good luck and keep us posted.

    • Yes, the halfway mark is our seventh night in the Lake District – and we’re still not into Scotland ! I’m sure some days will be tough, the first two in particular through Cornwall and Devon. But the last full day is ‘only’ 4,200ft ascent, not 8,000 (not quite so bad !). I was reassured when my 73 mile training ride on Saturday was 5,500ft ascent (more than any day on our LEJOG) and I still managed to get on my bike for a ride the next day. Always the optimist !

  4. It was the +883ft of ascent on day 14 – easily translates to 8830 when one has misplaced ones reading glasses! (Should have gone to specsavers)
    Very impressive figures, regardless and approaching 50,000ft over 2 weeks isn’t much less than my overall elevation for the whole of 2015!
    I may well follow in your exact footsteps (or should I say tyre tracks) next year and save myself the trouble of all that route planning, but if I do so I’ll take a week longer (or maybe even 2 weeks more) Chapeau!

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