Scottish VW California owners' meet, March 2015

The third annual gathering of VW Californias (and other variants) took place last weekend at Glenmore Campsite, near Aviemore.  We had a total of ten vans come along, which probably makes it the biggest ever gathering of Calis in Scotland.

As always at these kinds of events people are keen to find out how they’ve kitted out their vans, what tips they have and where they’re planning to travel next.  Besides the ‘nosying’ inside each others’ pride and joy we had a good meal on Saturday night at Glenmore Lodge.  For those hardy enough to brave the chilly wind coming off Loch Morlich this was topped off with a campfire on the beach.

The weather turned out to be better than forecast, which effectively meant it didn’t rain (so much).  High winds and low cloud put pay to any notions of going up the hill skiing, though.  The strong gusty wind early on Saturday morning also made some damage; David and Linda’s pop-up tent was freed from its 14 storm pegs and lifted into the air to land about 30 feet away … all with their two bikes inside !  Unfortunately, David’s bike will need some attention now.

Those whose bikes did survive managed to get out for a 15 mile mountain bike ride along the trails through the National Park’s fine Scots pine woods.  This must surely be some of the most spectacular scenery for mountain biking in the UK, if not Europe.  The others went out walking with their dogs, swapped stories and took advantage of the nearby cafes.

It was a great weekend.  We should do it again sometime.

Scottish VW California owners' meet, March 2015


Scottish VW California owners' meet, March 2015


Scottish VW California owners' meet, March 2015


Scottish VW California owners' meet, March 2015

7 Comments on “Scottish Cali Meet at Glenmore

  1. Thanks Euan for a lovely weekend. It was lovely to get to talk to fellow campers rather than just chat through forums. The Cali owners gave me some advice about getting my bellow repaired so I contacted Simon at Jerba and he’ll do it, no problem…so I see a weekend at North Berwick looming, which we love…am aiming to do a bit of the John Muir Way whilst I’m there. I might keep away from the water for a while though…Dottie gave me a real scare at Loch Morlich! She swam off after ducks who knowingly and temptingly kept just ahead of her…swimming into the middle of the loch on a cold day! She was so focussed on the ducks she couldn’t her my shouting, screaming or whistling which only attracted attention from the bystanders! (Fenton on You Tube came to mind…!) Finally she looked round and discovered how far away from me she was…I was busy looking round for a boat….it was a long swim back! She was so cold, but true to a springer, she was soon off again….on a lead!
    All’s well now and we safely returned from our first adventure of the season!
    If you organise anything else over the summer, let us know….I’ll be more brazen next time to ask for more hints and tips!
    Just off to order my duvet…I must be getting to the end of my wish list….?!
    I wish you all the very best for LEJOG….hope the weather’s kind to you.

    • Hi Suzanne, I’m glad you enjoyed the weekend. It was great to have such a good turnout and to put faces to names. We could have done with a bit more time though to get to meet everyone properly. If there’s enough interest we could maybe have another weekend in the Autumn (I wonder if Summer might be too difficult to get a decent turnout?) or next Spring. I’m always on the lookout for suggestion of good places to go that offer something for everyone.

      Good to hear you’re getting your roof canvas fixed … and that Dottie didn’t swim right the way across Loch Morlich ! Enjoy your travels over the next few months.

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