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We’re having the third annual meet-up of Scottish VW California owners on 28-29 March at Aviemore and it would be great to see as many vans there as possible.  All Californias are welcome, including both T5s (SE and Beach variants) and T4s, prospective owners keen to have a nosy at a Cali as well as any other keen campervanners!

We’re camping overnight on the 28th March at Glenmore Campsite, right beside Loch Morlich in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, and are planning to have a meal at Glenmore Lodge which is just a short walk away.

The following day there’s the option of enjoying some of the fantastic outdoor activities on the doorstep (depending on weather of course).  These include going for a walk, mountain biking, going skiing, hiring canoes or kayaks … whatever you prefer.

So far we have about 11 vans coming, so please let me know if you’re also interested in attending.



16 Comments on “Scottish California Owners’ Meet, 28-29 March

  1. Wow… Looks amazing! Us southerners would love to join you….. But we can’t escape just then… Never mind let’s look forward to future adventures! Have fun, Elaine & Chris

    • It’s a shame you can’t make it ! Unfortunately for us there are so few VW meets anywhere north of the Midlands – and that’s just w-a-y too far to go for a weekend.

  2. Sounds good – unfortunately we may not have taken delivery of our new van by 28th March. It’s due for delivery around then. Bit of background – we had a brand new Cali now we don’t………..!! We bought a new Cali from a dealer in Glasgow in September 2014 – the van they had on show in the dealership – only to find about 6 weeks later, about to depart on our first trip, that it had no overnight heater fitted only an auxiliary heater.The dealer had brought it up from the South and were unaware that the diesel parking heater had inexplicably been deleted from the original spec!
    After a VERY long saga we had to reject the vehicle and order another which we are waiting on now.
    If our van has arrived we would definitely be interested – when do you need to confirm numbers?

    • We’d be delighted to have you there, with or without your new Cali (someone else is coming and will stay either in Glenmore Lodge, the hostel or a nearby b&b). As far as I’m concerned you could just turn up on the day – the only constraint is how full the campsite might be. I think if you booked just a few days before you should be ok.

      Sorry to hear about your first Cali – must have been a real disappointment …

  3. Hi. I am a new Jerba VW owner and would love to join you and talk campervan adventures, but not sure that you’d accept me, being ‘from the other side’!?! 😳

    • Hey Dottie, as long as you’re enthusiastic about camping and campervans then as far as I’m concerned we’re all on the same side. You’d be more than welcome. In fact, another Jerba owner is keen to come so you won’t be alone.

      We’re a friendly bunch but this will be the first time that most people have met each other, so it’ll be a “getting to know you and have a nosy at your van” type event ! Do you just want to book directly via the Glenmore website and we’ll see you on the 28th sometime in the afternoon ?

    • Thanks for welcome. I will check diary and book tomorrow! Can’t wait….that means my next task after putting Christmas baubles away is to have a bash at making my ‘mudguards’…that is, fast response seat covers to guard against muddy dog! Don’t think I’ll manage to get my spots stuck in my van by then though…my aim is to become a ‘Happy Camper’ once I have my spots! Congratulations on Trespass award…I was one of your voters!

      • What, you haven’t put your Christmas decorations away yet … it’s February !?!? You might find that you can already buy spot decals for your van, but maybe these aren’t the right size/colour. You’d be very welcome as a Happy Camper – and thanks for voting for my blog !

  4. Spots will be ON the van, not IN it…still looking for a graphic designer to design them dip for me!

  5. Intending to join you this weekend at Glenmor, how do I go about booking? Shall I book through the campsite direct?

    • Hi Janice,

      Yes you can either book via the Camping in the Forest call centre or if you’re just staying one might you can book directly with the campsite. The phone numbers are on the Camping in the Forest (Glenmore) web page. I’ve booked a hard standing pitch without electricity. Let me know if you have any problems. See you then!

  6. Was going to go tomorrow, but now thinking I might be safer going Saturday in case of snow…is anyone else pitching up on Friday?

    • I think most people will go on Saturday but I’ll be there Friday night after 8pm. I don’t think snow will be an issue, but rain and high winds may be !!

      • Sods law..I may have to take dog to vet…see you Saturday!

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