Speculation has been growing for some time about VW’s updated model to replace the T5, which has been in production now for ten years.  The new T6 is expected to be launched in 2015.  The question is: will it be a significant upgrade or will we have to wait until around 2020 for recent concept vehicles to find their way into the production schedule as the T7 ?

We’ve been treated to some hints as to the future in the recent VW launch of the 2015 California Beach Edition and the Tristar concept vehicle.  VW are very keen to emphasise the 60 year heritage of their vans by presenting the new Beach alongside the Splitscreen T1 – and it’s great to see a fantastic line-up of Splitties !

As for the Tristar, this seems to be the latest in a series of concept vehicles – testing out new designs and technology, such as in-cab audio and video systems and even an espresso machine.  It’s a rugged four-wheel drive reminiscent of the T3 Synchro from the 1980s which, incidentally, has just celebrated its 30-year anniversay.  Another concept vehicle was shown off at the Hanover auto show last year – the e-Co-Motion, the “electrically powered city delivery van“.

‘Walkaround’ of the Tristar, unveiled in Hanover in September 2014 and celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Syncro 4 wheel drive van

The rumour-mill on the web suggests the new T6 will be on sale from around May 2015.  As you can from some pictures released over the last couple of months its based on the T5 platform, features only minor changes such as the front and rear lights and a shortened bonnet, and is also expected to include a line-up of new engines.  For example, the 231bhp 2.0 litre diesel will be borrowed from the Passat to provide more power so the new T5 can compete more effectively with the like of the Mercedes V-Class.

So, as looks likely, the T6 is an incremental improvement on the T5 and we’ll need to wait until around 2020 when new emissions standards make a new T7 necessary.  Perhaps then some of the features included in the Tristar Concept vehicle will make their way into production and perhaps also we’ll at last get to see a hybrid engine.

There’s been an interesting discussion in web forums among potential purchasers of a California SE or California Beach camper. Should they buy now, wait until the T6 Cali comes out in 2015 or 2016, or hold off until the T7 makes an appearance ?
I wholeheartedly concur with the view that the Cali is a great camper – it’s already a classic – and so if you want to buy, then you should just go ahead and buy now. Life is too short. Really.
If you think you can hold off until the T6 comes along then it might be worth waiting a year or so until the initial niggles are ironed out. Inevitably, new vehicles always have some teething problems and so this might be worth considering – assuming of course that the T6 has sufficient new features.
So watch this space – I’ll be keen to report on developments over the next few months. (And VW Commercial UK … if you’re looking for someone to review the T6 and take it for a spin I’m sure I’m always available.  I’ll even be willing for you to fly me out to Germany and drive a T6 or Splitty up a catwalk to great fanfare !).


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9 Comments on “The new VW T6 and potential T7 ?

  1. Good thoughts… And much to consider re the T7 perhaps… For now though… I tell my Cali T5 how much I love him every day !!😊

  2. Great pity still no sign of a LWB option, I think that would sell like hotcakes!

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  5. Here in America, we all recognize the staggering success the American Auto Manufacturers who have built a new buying segment of passionate owners of “retro” 1960’s and 1970’s cars that came back on the market with a thunderous, unbelievable, success. Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers, Chargers buyers are not the ‘over 50″ crowd reliving their high school youth

    According to VW execs, they can’t bring back a Type 2 bus because the buying segment who owned original type 2 buses are too small, and too fickle to accept the “retro” comeback. WHat a joke of a reason, and no one seems to challenge that thinking. Personally, I would buy a new Mustang, Camaro, Charger, Challenger, and I’ve never owned one before. I guess I don’t make up a high enoughof the population, and these cars are not being bought by anyone but original owners trying to relive their childhood….. until you drive onto any high School and College campus and fiind owners in their 20’s.

    VW, your executive’s thinking on the Type 2 Bus is laughable. Then again, VW hardly has a reputation to try anything. Their entire line of current vehicles are under attack. They are the poorest manufacturer out tripping over their shoelaces. They can’t seem to build anything that inspires an emotional attachment.

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