Ever experienced land yachting ?  Alternatively called blo karting ?  I’d spotted it a year or two ago and I made a note of it as something I’d like to have a go at – and this weekend I got my chance.

We booked through Blown Away Experiences, who spend most days taking people out on land yachts, paddleboards, kayaks and zap cats on the West Sands at St Andrews.  It’s a lot of fun and the guys from Blown Away are very geared up to make sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.

So what exactly is a land yacht ?  Essentially, it’s a 3-wheeled go kart with rubber tyres and a big sail attached.  I had a 5.5m sail and my son a 4m sail.  You have a rope which adjusts how taut the sail is; the wind controls the direction of the sail and you let the rope out to slow down and tighten it to catch the wind and speed up.  They’re lightweight so when the wind blows you go fast – as simple as that !

After assembling the land yachts from the back of the landrovers we had ten minutes of instruction and we were off.  We got the hang of it after another 10 to 15 minutes and were soon whizzing about up and down the beach.

While it was a relatively calm day inland there was still a good breeze on the beach.  Once or twice the wind died down and we stopped but when a big gust came you shot forward and sometimes went up on two wheels.  (Next time I’ll learn how to control these ‘wheelies’ … great fun).  ‘Capsizing’ sometimes happens but don’t worry, we had instruction to know what to do.

It was a throughly enjoyable and photogenic morning – great clouds, good views of St Andrews and a whole lot of fun.  Go try it !


Land yachting at St Andrews


and yachting at St Andrews


and yachting at St Andrews


and yachting at St Andrews


and yachting at St Andrews


Land yachting at St Andrews





5 Comments on “Shooting the breeze at St Andrews

      • The Monday was cancelled due to the tail end of bertha but went on Tuesday so was still quite windy, really enjoyed my experience. I would recommend it, great fun day out, spent alot of time grinning, guys at blown away were very good, now looking for somewhere you can just hire one!

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