‘Betty Bus’ is a well-equipped 1991 VW Westfalia California that encourages Dan and Rosana to get out and about and enjoy life.  In fact their dream trip is to just set off and not come back ..!

‘Happy Campers’ is a series of posts featuring camper vans and their owners.  It’s designed to offer advice and inspiration to new and existing camper van owners – featuring members of the WildaboutScotland community. To take part, please send an e-mail to me answering the standard question format below together with a good photo or two.


1.  Introducing ourselves and our camper van 

We are Dan and Rosana and we own Betty Bus, a white 1991 Westfalia California.  She’s based on a VW T4 and when new was the closest thing you could get to a factory VW campervan.  Fully winterised with double glazing and fitted with a diesel heater for keeping warm, alcohol stoves for cooking and a compressor fridge for keeping food fresh.

We’re in our early 40’s. Dan is English, Rosana is Uruguayan.  We’ve both spent time living in other countries but now live in Hertfordshire, just north of London.

It’s our first campervan and we bought her about two and a half years ago.  Dan introduced Rosana to camping and all went well until we spent the night sleeping in the car due to the tent flooding.  We bought the van after that…

2. How do we use our van ?

We use the van for holidays, weekends away, days out and summer evening bbq’s in the local park.

3. Best thing we love about our van?

The thing we love most is that it encourages us to get out and do things.

4. Pet gripes?

The VW T4 is not quite as reliable as the internet led us to believe…


5. Favourite accessories ?

Rosana:  The silver wrap for the roof tent – keeps the van warm in the winter, cool in the summer.

Dan:        The Dutch oven, brilliant for making all sorts of delicious things on a fire or bbq.

6. Best tip for new owners ?

Don’t panic about getting all the accessories.  Just get the basic cooking stuff, food for a day or so and go somewhere.  You’ll get a better idea of what you need and want over time.

7. Best trip in our van?

They’ve all been good in one way or another.  We did a trip to the west coast of Scotland, including Skye which was pretty special.  It’s somewhere that Dan had been wanting to go for too may years.

8. Dream trip ?

To just pack up and go and not come back.

9. Favourite campsite ?

We don’t generally stay on campsites long enough to get attached, quite often spending only a night or two in one place.  However, we stayed a couple of nights on a site near Bad Pyrmont in Germany that was really idyllic.  No idea what it was called.

 10. When we’re not camping we’re …

… doing all sorts of things really.  We like to be outside and we like to travel (not just with the van).


Read more about Dan, Rosana and Betty Bus in … The Betty Bus Diaries.

If you’re a Happy Camper and have a story to tell, please e-mail me and send a photo or two using the ‘Get in Touch’ form.



10 Comments on “Happy Campers: Dan, Rosana and Betty Bus

    • She has a bit of rust and a few dents, but I’d only worry about things if she were immaculate. How’s your journey going?

      • After a certain age, rust and dents are the nature of the beast (talking about our vans her 🙂 ). Our trips going well thank you, though we do seemed to have changed direction. Still that’s the beauty of camping… get up in the morning and then decide where your going

      • Absoultely. Last year we intended to go to the Black Forest, but ended up in Helgoland 😀

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    • The one in the first picture or the alcohol stoves?

      The picture is a “Son of Hibatchi” BBQ and a small (4.5L?) dutch oven. Works well, but the selling point was how fast it could be put out and packed away – we have not yet found the secret and it often gets put out with water…

      The alcohol stoves in the van are very similar to these, used on boats: http://www.waeco.com/ae/products/4657.php. Big trangias really.

      Works well, although boiling water takes a while. Best bit is we usually have a few litres of meths kicking around if we run out of Gin 😀

  2. I’ve enjoyed my 2003 euro camper TRIPING. since new. Although based in Scottdale Az. You will find us (2 standard poodles ) wintering at Conception Bay in Baja. and Pacific Northwest in summers.

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