It took just four minutes to pass from the western horizon and fade out over towards the southeast horizon.  This was the view of the International Space Station near my house last night.

It’s amazing to think that the ISS orbits the earth once every ninety minutes, whizzing around our planet at 17,500 mph at an altitude of 370km.

There are currently six astronauts living on the ISS during the current mission, lasting from March to May 2014.  While the International Space Station is 357ft long (about the size of a football field), its living space is roughly equivalent to the size of a six-bedroomed house.

If you’re interested in seeing the International Space Station, look up when it’s next likely to be visible around the world and read this beginner’s guide.  For the UK, that’s 2103 tonight, lasting 4 minutes and rising to 44 degrees – roughly half way between the horizon and straight up.  And the forecast is for clear skies !


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